Bangle Boxes

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Buy attractive and handmade bangle boxes online for gifting purpose and personal use. We make many designed and attractive boxes using different kind of materials like wood, marble, metal and sheet metal. These bangle boxes are come in different sizes.

Wooden bangle box: Beautiful and suitable boxes to keep bangles and lac bangles, these are made using white wood and carefully crafted by skilled artists.

Marble Bangle box: Made of using high quality of marble and decorated with meenakari hand painting, stone and kudan work. These marble bangle boxes are perfect for gifting purpose.

Gemstone painted bangle boxes: Each boxes are carefully crafted using real gemstone paintings on glass base and the boxes are made of wood. These are widely liked by everyone due to its awesome designs and low prices.

Handmade Bangle boxes: These boxes are made of paper and fabric and adorned with using sequin, embroidery and hand art work. These boxes give royal look.