Chocolate Boxes

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Avail with us wide range of chocolate boxes, we are organizer and exporter of handcrafted chocolate boxes. Our handcrafted chocolate boxes are made using high quality of raw materials as well as we are making these boxes using different materials like...Wood, Marble, Aluminum & Metal Sheet. All these collections are unique, Stylish and give traditional touch. Their superfine art works are done by master craftsman from Rajasthan.

Range of chocolate boxes according their materials

Metal Chocolate boxes:

Metal Chocolate boxes are adorned with using meenakari painting, floral designs and carving work.


Lac chocolate boxes:

Lac chocolate boxes are made using aluminium base and decorated with stones, beads, chain and decorative mirror.


Wooden chocolate boxes:

Wooden chocolate boxes are made using top quality of wood materials and decorated with golden / silver foils, meenakari art work, hand paintings and hand etching work.