Animal Statue

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Amazing Wooden Elephant

Price: Rs.1,380 Rs.1,104
Available Stock :9

Wooden Brown & Gold Painted Elephant

Price: Rs.1,280 Rs.1,126
Available Stock :10

Wooden Figure Painted T/U Elephant 10cm

Price: Rs.845 Rs.744
Available Stock :18

Masterpiece of Wooden Carved Elephant 7x5

Price: Rs.2,750 Rs.2,475
Available Stock :2

Wooden Painted Horse Small

Price: Rs.200 Rs.170
Available Stock :20

Wooden Painted Camel Statue Small

Price: Rs.250 Rs.200
Available Stock :60

Horse Statue Carved

Price: Rs.150 Rs.135
Available Stock :9

Wooden Carved Deer

Price: Rs.850 Rs.723
Available Stock :16

Wooden Deer Statue

Price: Rs.600 Rs.540
Available Stock :51

Wooden Painted Elephant Figure 15 cm

Price: Rs.1,680 Rs.1,428
Available Stock :17

Wooden Jali Elephant Small 2 inch

Price: Rs.180 Rs.126
Available Stock :60

Wooden Painted Undercut Elephant

Price: Rs.6,970 Rs.6,273
Available Stock :1

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Animal Statues : Elephant, Horse, Camel, Cow with Calf, Cat Statues

We M/s. Indian Craft, Jaipur base company is manufacturing and exporting of top quality of handmade animal statue to home decor. Animal statues such a Elephant, Camel, Horse, Cow statue with calf, Cat etc. We make these animal statues in Jaipur using different kind of material such a wood, marble and metal. All of these statues are carefully hand crafted and some of animals are decorated using hand paintings and meenakari painting. These statues are widely used to home decor, office decor, hotel-restaurant decor and gifting purpose.