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15 Best Utility Blue Pottery Handicrafts For Your Home

Blue pottery is widely recognized as a traditional handicraft of a pink city. The blue pottery of Jaipur is famous all over the world for its eye-catching cobalt blue dye used to color potteries. Did you want to add charm to your home? Complement your home with these beautiful blue pottery craft. Scroll down and have a look at some crafted utility blue potteries to adorn your home.

Blue pottery vases

If it’s a more elegant space such as a living or dining room then a blue vase is a great idea to fill up space. Blue is known as the color of peace and stability. A blue pottery vase is the stand-out perfect item for bringing elegance and color to your home.

Ceramic blue pottery plates

Mughlai printed ceramic plates are perfect to complement your delicious food. These handmade blue pottery plates are made by using lead-free, food-safe stoneware, durable and non-toxic glazes. They are perfect to add in kitchenware or can even be used to decorate the walls and corners of your home.

Handmade pottery tumbler

These ceramic tumblers are made to celebrate the spirit of colors from India. These tumblers are great for cocktail or wine club nights. An adorable tumbler that will give your home some extra personality. Serve drinks in these adorable pottery tumblers to set a unique touch.

Blue pottery sugar bowl

This amazing hand thrown blue pottery sugar bowls is crafted with speckled clay. This sugar bowl is also perfect to store honey, salt, jam, spices, pulses and many more. They come in different sizes and shapes, so choose according to your requirements. Keep your food materials safe in this adorable blue pottery sugar bowls.

Blue candle holder

These blue pottery candle holders perfect to promote relaxation in your home. Place these blue candle holders in your bathroom for that amazing spa feel. Bright up your home by lighting the candle and hold them into these blue holders. You can use them to enhance the dinner table setting.

Blue pottery mugs

These mugs evoke the warm feeling to your home. These blue pottery mugs add a rich splash of colors to your beautiful morning. Serve coffee or tea to your guests into these adorable mugs and leaves a great impression on them. You can purchase these mugs according to their size, shape, and designs, you will be happy to know that they also come in print work.

Blue pottery incense holders

These incense holders are perfect to promote the feeling of happiness and relief. These incense holders can be used to hold incense sticks as well as decorate your home. And these blue pottery incense holders are the ideal gift for spiritual occasion and wedding return gifts. Fragrance your home with adorable creativity and steal all the attention by placing these eye-catching incense holders in your home.

Blue pottery lanterns

Enhance the decor of your home by placing these eye-catching lanterns in your home. Gracefully lighten up your home by hanging these blue lanterns and set a statement of handmade beauty. Jaipur blue pottery offers a wide variety of designer lanterns in different shapes and sizes, select adorable lanterns to suit your style and choice. These lanterns are manufactured to inject the pride of Jaipur into the heart of your home.

Blue ashtray

These blue pottery ashtrays are well suited for sophisticated style decoration and functional accessories. Adorn your tables by placing these beautiful ashtrays. This will be a great gift if your recipient loves to do smoke.

Ceramic blue coasters

Set an adorable statement by placing these blue pottery coasters on the tables. By seeing these coasters your guests will definitely set their mind to purchase another one for their home. Protect the surface of the table by placing the tea or other drink cups on these coasters. Protect the surface from stains and scratches by using these coasters.

Pottery wall tiles

Adorn your home with ease by installing these blue pottery wall tiles in any room. Update your home’s look and decor to catch all the attention. These blue tiles are durable and made up of using high-quality raw materials. You can also use them to enhance the beauty of your office’s walls. These bright and natural shades can more likely enhance the indoor and outdoor walls with the adorable look you choose.

Pottery antique statues

Decorate your home with an antique statue piece of blue pottery. These eye-catching statues are great to fill empty places of your home. These statues look stunning and come up with great durability. These statues can be animal or bird figures, human figures, lord statues, and many more decorative figures. You can choose according to different sizes and shapes.

Ceramic planter pots

These planter pots well with flower and vegetable plants with handcrafted sleek and detailed finishing. If you’re looking for a different planter pot then we suggest you purchase these once, you’ll definitely go again to have more. These pots will look great and add some style to your garden or you can also place them into your rooms. These pots are great to showcase interesting plants around your home and it’s surroundings.

Blue pottery soap dish

These soap dishes are a great way to add a special and unique touch to your kitchen or bathroom. It is also a functional and adorable gift for each type of occasion. Showcase blue soap dish to complement your home.

Blue pottery clocks

Pottery wall clocks bring style and functionality to any space of the wall. Add a focal point to any room by hanging these blue clocks. These clocks are made of earthenware clay that makes them more durable. Mostly these clocks carry a quartz mechanism in the middle that works well with batteries. These clocks with its classic design add an adorable style to your home decor.

Showcase blue art and creativity of skilled craftsmen by placing blue pottery pieces into your home. So, which blue pottery handicraft piece you like most? Share with us and keep in touch with us for more handicraft ideas.