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20 Secret Santa Gifts Ideas To Make Your Office Day Memorable

Winter is coming so is Christmas and there will be a fun activity in business houses and around the places called secret Santa. The activity will be to exchange gifts with your co-workers secretly without disclosing the name of the giver. The fun activity has traveled across the globe and at each corporate office in different locations, people will need creative ideas to make this fun activity more happening. The article here suggests some creative and handmade gift ideas that can be of good use.

Here are some suggestions for secret Santa gifts –

1. Scented candles- scented candles are a great way to celebrate a good day by lighting up the candles with good fragrances. These are highly recommended for someone with good knowledge of fragrance. These are made by adding fragrance oil to wax in the manufacturing process.

2. Sports team jersey- this is an outstanding recommendation to gift someone who is a sports enthusiast. Getting a customized sports jersey with own name is an outstanding feeling. Most of the sport supporters support a specific team in which they connect and show interest and gifting them a team jersey will make a friendly effort.

3. Scrapbook – if you know some of your colleagues like writing and preserving the memories for a long time then a scrapbook can be a good option to gift them. It will make an emotional connect and at different levels will allow you to get you in their good books.

4. Travel mug – a travel mug is a very essential and important part of your travel takeaways. These are made available in a variety of choices where according to your taste you can carry food and beverage fresh and hot anywhere you want. These are trendy, useful and carry a lot of qualities requiring making your day outstanding.

5. Tea and coffee sampler – if you know a person who loves Tea and coffee or both then it will be a heaven for him to get one of these. It is a wide variety of different types and flavors of tea and coffee that are a must use for tea and coffee lover. It will help you build better relations with your colleagues.

6. Customized photo ornament – anything that is customized adds a personal touch to your gift choices. On the other hand for your female colleague’s customized photo ornaments will make an immense choice where according to their likeness, hobbies, tastes, and preferences you can gift them a customized ornament with the photo engraved making a personal touch.

7. Chocolates – Chocolates are our all-time favorite things to gift to our loved ones. Chocolates are liked by everyone and on different occasions, it makes sense to give them a piece of sweetness and make their day good and memorable. There is a wide range of chocolates available in the market that you can gift according to their likeness.

8. Gift vouchers – Gift vouchers are the modern way to gift your colleague a medium where they can buy whatever they want through the voucher. Instead of giving money or taking them market it will make sense to allow them to get what they want in a gift.

9. Flower kit – a Flower kit is a beautiful gesture to show your love and respect for someone where they can get a kit of beautiful flowers that they can decorate on their table. On the other hand, it adds a personal touch to your gifting capabilities.

10. Oil diffuser- An essential Oil diffuser is an act as a therapy where it fills a room or area with a fragrance making the atmosphere more calm and productive. These are very useful in the meditation process whereby lighting up Oil diffusers you can simply focus and make a good, productive day.

11. Framed quote – a framed quote is a simple and most innovative way to inspire and make other people feel good about them. By setting up the framed quote on the table or different places it will allow the person to be motivated and be productive.

12. Seat cushion – sitting for a long day in your office can be tiring and can cause back pain. A seat cushion is a useful product to make your sitting comfortable and productive.

13. Electric lunch box – an electric lunch box is a very good utility product that keeps your food fresh and hot until lunchtime. You can take it anywhere and it is portable.

14. Watches- watches are the basic yet popular gift to give a personal touch. These are made to show time and keep reminding the memories of the giver.

15. Backpacks – Backpacks are very useful and easy to give the gift to your colleagues. At the different levels, it allows you to carry things with you. These are fashionable, tough and trendy.

16. Sunglasses – sunglasses are again basic but an important thing to gift to your colleagues to make their day look good.

17. Mini photo printer – a mini photo printer is a portable printer that you can carry with you anywhere and take a print of the photo you want. It is a lightweight, trendy and easy to use device which is compatible with most of your devices.

18. Laptop protection case – a Laptop protection case is a useful product that protects your laptop in case it falls. It is fashionable trendy and increases the beauty of your laptop with its unique graphics and designs.

19. Plants – plants are very important and can be a gift to your colleagues where they can put them on their desks. It makes and positive impact on your working and gives the essence of greenery to your workplace.

20. Desk lamp – a chargeable desk lamp is a very useful and trendy product to gift. It comes with various choices and lights up your work in case you like to work alone. It is a basic yet trendy product to gift to your colleague.

These are some unique, creative and handmade gift ideas to be bestowed to your loved ones this Christmas.