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5 Beautiful Hand Painted Marble And Wooden Pots For Home Decor

As handicrafts are the life of India, it makes India popular all over the globe. Enhance your home decor with these adorable handcrafted flower pots. Indian handicrafts offer painted and hand-carved flower pots or vases in various designs and shapes.

Pots collection of Indian handicrafts are antique and decorated by using paintings, meenakari work, and stonework. You can use these pots as decor your home and office as well as gifting purposes during any occasion. To enhance the beauty of your home we’ve listed 5 popular flower pots of Indian handicrafts.

Marble decorative pot

These decorative painted pots made up of marble and hand painting is done by traditional techniques by skilled craftsmen. Pure makrana marble is utilized to make these types of marble pots. These are adorned with floral, jewelry, animals, and many designs using gold foils and stones. These adorable marble hand-painted pots will greatly complement your home decor.

Marble pot with paintings

Marble can be used for various interesting projects, some of them involve these flower pots. Handicraft presents exclusive marble pots with beautiful paintings on them. These pots came in various colors, textures, and shapes. These pots come in high-quality and great accessories to cover space on your tables. Have these marble pot with hand painting to set a creative statement to your home.

Wooden carved pot

This adorable flower pot is carved of high-grade wood. These types of wooden flower pots made in a single piece of wood. You can create a fresh decorative statement by putting some fresh flowers in this wooden carved pot or you can also put this pot empty on tables. These handcrafted pots are a unique and affordable option for everyone. This wooden pot is an eye-catching handicraft item, you should buy this one for your interior decor.

Marble round pot

As makrana marble is used to make these pots, it contains good quality. Give a stylish and elegant look to your home decor by placing this round marble pot in your home. These round-shaped pots easy to clean and have a smooth surface. People demand more for this round-shaped marble pots due to its unique cuts and amazing shape like Matka. These marble round pots are suitable are tabletops that enhance the home decor greatly.

Wooden undercut pot

Adorable undercut and carved patterns of wooden pots are a great way to complete your interior decor. Steal the attention of your guests by this undercut flower pot. These undercut allows air to flow beneath the flower pot. You can use it creatively, place a light bulb in this pot to make it look like a lantern. This pot is a great centerpiece for the table that looks amazing.

Your fresh garden flowers need an adorable flower pot then fulfill their wish by buying these handcrafted flower pots. So, which one will you purchase? To enhance the beauty of your home and keep in touch with us for more handicraft tips and ideas.