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7Adorable Handicraft Lamps That Will Brighten Up Your Home

Indian handicraft offers beautiful and high-quality lamps. There are different kinds of lamps that are made of wood, marble, metal, and gemstone painting. You can use these lamps as interior or exterior decoration purposes as well as gifting purposes.

These lamps are available in floral designs, engraving designs, and animal carving designs. These lamps are made by skilled craftsmen. These lamps can be kept on any desk or hang on the wall. The lamps made of marble are known as lanterns. We’ve listed some adorable lamps that will make your home more beautiful.

Wooden carving lamp

Illuminate your house by lighting up these beautiful lamps with a traditional touch. These wooden lamps are intricately and beautifully carved. These unique shaped lamps are made of wooden as well as they contain four sides of gemstone painting. Adorn and brightens up your home with these beautiful wooden lamps.

Mosaic hanging lantern

Indian handicrafts offer handmade lantern shaped with mosaic glasswork. These lamps are generally made using metal, glass, and wood. These lamps are electric lamps that can be used as a hanging lamp, table lamp, night lamp, and as interior, exterior decoration items as well as gifting purpose.

Mosaic Table lamp

These mosaic lamps are made using glass that features a ceramic base in which a beautiful mosaic has been studded. These are made of sprinkles with floral designs of mosaics to brighten up your sweet home. These lamps are suitable for your both interior or exterior decoration. You can also use these mosaic table lamp as gifting purpose.

Marble lantern

These marble lanterns are made of pure marle. These lamps are adorned with jewelry designed embossed work and hand painting. These marble lanterns are studded with adorable Kundan work. These marble lanterns are a great gift for any occasion, make lovers festive more beautiful by giving them these adorned marble lanterns.

Wooden lantern lamp

Add a traditional touch to your home with these adorable wooden lantern lamps. These beautifully carved lanterns are made of white wood with completely hand art by skilled craftsman. This amazing floral hand carving and hand carving with work in different kinds of animals will definitely catch the attention of your guests. These amazing wooden lamps can be hung or keep on the desk. You can use these wooden lanterns as a night lamp and as gifting purposes.

Wooden painted carved lamp

These lamps are great for any occasion. These wooden lamps represent perfectly Indian tradition through its painting. These lamps are made by using various traditional techniques. These lamps are ideal for handmade pieces that look very attractive. It’s intricate designs and adorable paintings with smooth edges will catch the eyes of your guests.

Wooden engraved lamp

Craftsman offers engraving and attractive design night lamps. These lamps are made of wood with beautiful floral engraving design including LED lights. You can use these lamps as night lamp, indoor or outdoor decoration, as well as gifting purpose during any occasion.

Brighten up your beautiful home with these adorable lamps which are a perfect combination of creativity and beauty. Which handmade lamp did you like most? Tell us through your precious comments.