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Art of Pottery in Ancient India

The Indian pottery art is as old as other handicrafts in India. A tradition of making pots and other utensils from soil depicts the ancient civilization in this country. This art has been a popular medium of expressing feelings of an artist who manufacture utensils and paint these with different colors in various forms. Agriculture is the most common livelihood of the natives of this country that is why pots for storing and carrying water were in demand. It has encouraged the art of pottery. This art started during the Indus Valley Civilization that was developed from 2500 BC to 1500 BC.

Indian handicrafts

The art of making clay objects such as pottery, porcelain, and earthenware has been in trend for ages. Porcelain is used for the different artworks, whereas pottery and earthenware belong to the utilitarian objects. Many types of Indian handicrafts were manufactured during Indus valley civilization and pottery was one of these. At that time, the Indus River was a popular trade route. To carry items, various utensils were manufactured and sold.
The clay used for manufacturing was obtained from this river, but later, quartzite and flint were used to make these items more stable. Taking inspiration from this civilization, the trend of red and black pottery started in Adichanallur and Brahmagiri area.

handicrafts in India

At that age, three kinds of pottery, red ceramic, gray, and black pottery, were popular and are still in trend. In the area of the Banas River in Rajasthan, red ceramic pottery was manufactured adequately as this kind of soil was available in plenty. At the Basin of the Ganga River, gray soil is available in copious amount, which has encouraged an art of making the pottery using this soil. The black pottery was originated in Delhi.

Well, today, pottery has secured a significant position in the crafts of India and it is a profession of more than one million people. It is an epitome of the richness of Indian art culture.

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