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Beautiful Handicrafts From Different States Of North India

North Indian handicrafts are famous for their decorative abilities, vibrancy, and aesthetic sensibilities. North handicrafts are famous for weaving, beautiful colors, and intricate embroidery. Handicrafts are great for interior home decoration. Handicrafts are being practiced in India for centuries and this is one of the best sources of earning. Handicrafts look beautiful and expensive made without any use of machinery. Raw materials used in creating handicrafts are cheap and less costly that everyone can easily afford.

In this process, skilled people create different types of amazing products from cheap raw materials and convert them into decorative and useful items. Northern handicrafts play an important role in the economic growth of India by employing people.

North Indian handicrafts are famous for their creativity even in the international markets also. We’ve listed some northern states that are famous for their amazing handicrafts all over the globe, have a look at our country’s creativity and skills.

Jammu & Kashmir

As northern state Kashmir is the pride and crown of India, it is famous for different kinds of crafts are walnut wood carving, shawl weaving, carpet weaving, names, silverware, basketry and much more. Especially Kashmiri embroidery practice in Jammu & Kashmir is popular all around the world for its beauty and designs. These handicrafts make India famous even in international marketing.

Here, the softness of walnut woods makes it famous for creating outstanding handicraft items. Wood carving is based on lively natural forms. Walnut wood carving has smooth grain patterns and fine texture, making the wood a little expensive.

Kashmiri Amawar shawls are also famous for its elegance and diverse designs. They are made from pashmina wool with weaving sticks. It is very soft, exclusive and patterns have colors and hues that perfectly represent the Mughal arts. Kashmiri baskets are also an amazing renowned craft of the state. These shawls add more glamour to Indian women’s beauty.

Kashmir is also well-known for its beautifully designed paper mache. Kashmiri paper mache made by recycling paper and painted by expertly skilled labors.


Rajasthan is one of the best incredible destinations of India which offers different beauty of handicrafts. Rajasthan handicrafts reflect its rich traditional and cultural heritage and are famous for its beauty and quality. Some of the most popular crafts of Rajasthan are jewelry, wooden furniture, paintings, carpets, durries, embroidered juttis, blue pottery, and other articles.

The blue pottery of Jaipur is widely recognized all over the world. It is made of Egyptian paste and no clay is used. It is great because of its eye-catching blue color and tedious process. These blue pottery are decorative more than utility products.

The story behind the beginning of hewa jewelry is still a mystery. It a unique art of combining 23-carat gold with multiple colors of glasses. The glasses are used to give a glittering and unique characteristic effect. Mostly it reflects geometric and other unique patterns. Skilled labor used gold sheets of the highest purity to make pendants, rings, brooches, and bracelets.


People love Punjab for its cuisine, history, and culture. The crafts and artworks of Punjab are very popular even in the international markets. Phulkari work of Punjab is a traditional embroidery practice to decorate shawls and dupattas which involves intricate needlework. Phulkari stitches are done horizontally, diagonally and vertically on bright and color combination bases. Phulkari technique involves short and longs darning stitches to create special light effects on shawls and dupattas. This process is mostly practiced by the women of Punjab for extra earning and passing their free time.

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is a hub of many interesting crafts and arts of northern India. Chikankari and banarasi sarees of Uttar Pradesh are well-known handicrafts. Chikankair is an ancient form of white floral embroidery introduced by nur Jahan that involves raw thread and intricate needlework. Producers use mulmul or muslin the finest white cloth. Designs and colors keep change according to the seasons. It is a delicate, hand-embroidered, exquisite and exclusive design.

Banarasi sarees are among the finest sarees in north India are famous for their silver and gold zari and opulent embroidery in fine silk. These sarees represents a perfect combination of embroidery and silk cloth colors.

Himachal Pradesh

A beautiful city of Himachal Pradesh Chamba practices the tradition of Pahari paintings. Pahari paintings are mostly done in miniature forms and influenced by the Rajput paintings. Mostly these Pahari paintings used themes of spiritual and religion, also represents emotions. It requires finesse, mineral, vegetable extracts, and intricate brushwork. Himachal is also famous for its metalwork, woolen crafts, wood crafts, stone crafts, leather crafts, and handmade jewelry pieces.


Ladakh produces a wide variety of handicrafts. Among the unique handicrafts of Ladakh, thangka paintings are well-known for embroidered silk or cotton cloth using embroidery. These paintings depict the teaching of lord buddha. These paintings practiced during religious ceremonies, and in prayer halls and monasteries. These paintings offer an amazing manifestation of the divine and they are very durable. They depict different subjects like Bodhisattvas, astrological, Buddhas and cosmological images.


Bastar in Chhattisgarh is well-known for its dhokra art. The raw material for the dhokra art is taken from the melting scrap or hills. The products of dhokra art may include figures of elephants, riders, measuring bowls, lamp caskets, and fish-shaped vermillion boxes. The products of dhokra art created by a lost wax method.

Chattisgarh is also famous for its unique camel craft. A visit to Chhattisgarh is incomplete without purchasing its handicraft souvenirs. Some of the other handicrafts of Chhattisgarh are terracotta, Tumba, godna, sisal, clay relief work and much more.

Handicrafts are looked beautiful and pretty expensive but they are affordable for anyone. Indian Handicrafts are also good for gifting to special ones. These are the states of north India which makes India more famous all over the earth. Which handicraft of north India do you like most? And did you have any handicrafts in your home? Tell us through your comments and if you have any query then also share with us.