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Celebrate This Diwali Festival With Handmade Gift

Diwali festival lends itself beautifully to homemade DIY gifts. From pretty torans and hand painted diyas to gift baskets and paper lanterns. If you are looking for a little inspiration in addition to new creative ideas for Diwali handmade gifts, you will find loads of both here! We have put together some simple ideas that are easy to make.

Decorated diyas

If you are thinking of giving a hamper then you can add decorated diyas. Diyas made of clay is a conventional design idea for Diwali, it is said that people of Ayodhya celebrated the homecoming of their king Rama, from exile the lighting earthen pots and diyas as it were.

Customized candle decoration

Candles are one of the most prominent Diwali decoration items just by earthen pots likely. Instead of utilizing basic candles, go inventive! Utilize anything from dried flower petals, twigs to cinnamon sticks to embellish a candle by staying it around them. Guarantee you stick these materials fittingly with the goal that it stays for a longer time. To additionally add to the beauty of this imaginative decoration idea, include a couple of flower petals of a rose or some other flower you like.

Homemade rangoli powder

Everyone needs rangoli powder on Diwali, so why not gift them a homemade version that’ll keep everyone happy, even the environment? this rangoli powder recipe from fun littles is easy to make, and you can use vegetable food colors to get the desired shades. This will also not harmful via the skin.

Upcycled tin jewelry box

An Upcycled project looks pretty expensive!! Turn an ordinary tin box with a lid into a gorgeous jewelry box that makes a great gift for any occasion and not just Diwali! The best part is you can customize it to your heart’s content! And of course, every woman will love it. Make them in a creative way and decorate it with extra materials.

DIY mithai hamper

Yes, there’s nothing new about gifting mithai for Diwali, but it will be when you do so in a custom made mithai hamper! Do crafts has made a beautiful box with compartments for different kinds of homemade sweets. You can either fill each one with a different color or go for a theme, like dry fruits and khoya. Diwali is not complete without sweets and it is our parampara (culture) to give mithai to relatives and friends on festivals.

Handmade jewellery

Ladies and homemakers love adorning themselves with jewelry. Best Diwali gift idea is making jewelry for a gift, it will also memorial gift for whom you are gifting. We can make it more beautiful with a new combination of chains, ribbons, jump rings, stones, squirrels, mirrors, etc. you can recreate your old jewelry. Additionally, you can gift your younger sister who prays for your long life on Bhai Dooj. Gift it to your beloved wife on Gaudi Padwa depicting your affection and love for her.

So, these are some ideas to make your Diwali more creative and happy. For other ideas, you can visit our site.