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Completely Exclusive Textiles That Are Pride For Handicrafts

Completely exclusive textiles that are pride for handicrafts

India is versatile for textiles as its rich natural resources for making and decorating fabrics are unrivaled. The country is one of the topmost culturally rich places in the entire world which is renowned to possess some high and very best skilled artisans specializing in contemporary and traditional fabrics. It has a wide range and a rich culture of handicrafts in India. Many different regions throughout the country boast and specialize in fabrics that are completely exclusive in that area. 

Banarasi brocade

This fabric falls under the decorative fabrics and the class of rich. It is a type of luxurious fabric and worn as celebration attire across the nation. It has generally geometric or floral patterns that are introduced usually during the weaving procedure. Brocade’s fabric face usually has twill or satin weaves. Such fabrics are widely used for draperies, evening outfits, and upholstery. Banarasi brocade is considered heavy and rich because of the fine zari and gold work that is done on it. Brocade is also the traditional jacquard fabric and produces rich designs.


It is a type of tie and dye textile and also known as bandhej. It is practiced mainly in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and also in some parts of Uttar Pradesh. It is the oldest form of tie and dye. It is a well-known textile, even Ajanta caves also have a visual representation of bandhej. It is generally performed on silk and cotton fabrics. Bandhej is a combination of beautiful color combinations, a cluster of patterns, and alluring twirls.

Tussar silk

It is an exquisite thread obtained from a wide-winged moth that is yellowish-brown in color. It is also known as Kosa silk which is produced from larvae of several species of silkworms. Jharkhand has emerged to be the biggest producer of this fiber and also produced at several places across India. These fabrics are very light in weight and can be worn both formally and casually. It is used in the creation of silk suits and tussar silk sarees. It is valued for its deep gold color and rich texture.


It is a variety of saree which is made from very fine silk. It is a silk and gold saree. Paithani saree is the most popular saree in India made from the finest silk. It is considered to be royalty among sarees. The handloom silk paithani sarees come in two varieties: brocade paithani and traditional paithani. These sarees are made from zari and silk thread and look exactly the same from both sides. The most common paithani motifs include lotus, peacocks, parrots, vines, and flowers.

Kanjivaram silk

Kanjivaram or Kanchipuram silk sarees are traditionally woven silk from a region called Kanchipuram, a state of Tamil Nadu. These sarees are mostly worn on special occasions. These beautiful sarees are woven from pure mulberry silk thread. Beautiful kanjivaram sarees are the dream for every bride. These sarees are well-known for their variety of silk and beautiful color combinations.

These are the exclusive textiles that are the pride of the Indian handicrafts. So, which Indian textile do you like most?