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Corporate Gift Ideas Under 1 Dollar

We live in a world where cooperation is becoming an important part of most of the people and honestly, it is not easy to run cooperate, earn profit and keep your employees happy. So, as giving gifts to employees has become a trend now it might be difficult for some companies to give expensive gift to so many employees of their company, so, In this article, I’m going to help these companies by giving some amazing gifts ideas under 50 rupees which your employees are also going to love and will make you a good boss in front of them.

1. USB BOOK LIGHT: You can gift your employees these USB Book Light as it can be a very helpful gift. You just have to connect these to your laptop, and they are good to go. This will help them work at night as well.

2. PEN STAND: Everyone loves to decorate their workplace and some people love it all cleanup. So, a nice pen stand and maybe which has a logo of the company might be a good idea. It will help the people to find the pen on time and also promotes your company.

3. A SMALL DUSTBIN: Have you ever seen that small dustbin that we can keep on the desk which does not take a lot of space? Yes those, you can gift to your employees for their desk. So that they can put some trash in them, and they don’t have to rush all over to the dustbin place to put trash. This might save some time for your employees as well.

4. STRESS BALL: In the cooperating world, there is a lot of pressure on employees by their boss because they have to meet a certain target to reach that target might put the employee into a lot of pressure and that can lead to a heart problem. So these small yellow smiley balls can help you to get a lot of pressure out of head by just pressing them.

5. LAMP KEYCHAIN: You can gift those small car key chains which have a little lamp in them. You can customize it by putting your company name on it. They are very useful sometimes. They look that they have cost you a lot, but they are under 50 rupees.

6. LUGGAGE TAG: You can gift luggage tag to your employees. Luggage tag reduces the chance of your luggage to get lost. Plus you can buy them in many different-different colors and different-different size. They might cost you less.

7. A SMALL PLANT: According to my best corporate gift would be a small plant. They might cost you 50 rupees plus they look amazing on the employee’s desk. Plants also show a happy environment. So when it’s a lot of pressure their liveliness might help.

8. NAME TAG: Everyone would love a name tag. They might not cost you much plus such cool stuff to gift to your employees. It would make your employees happy and the overall productivity of the employees will be increased in a very positive way.