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Different Types Of Handicrafts Practices In India

Handicrafts is a skill, which is done by hand. Items made by man employees using 2nd hand cheap material. India is popular for handicrafts even in international markets also. A large part of India’s economy depends upon handcrafts. Labor creates beautiful and creative items and sells them at fewer prices. Here we have some different types of handicrafts, which will help you in knowing more about handicrafts.


Lacemaking, felt-making, knitting, macrame, applique, crocheting, weaving and tapestry are the procedure of making textiles. The industry of textile handicrafts represents the richness of Indian heritage, cultural value, culture, and tradition. Textile spread all across the country, especially in rural and urban areas. The various kinds of art displayed in the Indian textile handicrafts are jamawar, phulkari art, block-printing, batik, resist printing and tie and dye. The economy of the country is boosted by the textile handicrafts.

Handicrafts Practices


The part of visual art which mainly related to writing in calligraphy. It is the process of alphabets using broad tip brushes or instruments or designing letters. A style of writing is described as a hand or alphabet writing. Calligraphy is used to flourish in the invitations of a wedding, font design, religious art, event invitations, original hand-lettered logo design, memorial documents, and cut stone inscriptions.


The methods of weaving are felting, knitting, braiding or plaiting, and lace making. Weaving is a method of producing fabric by using yarns or threads by hand. Woven cloth can be decorative or artistic designs or can be plain( a simple pattern or in a single color). Weaving is the oldest method of practicing in India. The way filling and the warp threads interlace with each other is called the weave. The woven products are making with one of three basic weaves: satin weave, plain weave or twill.


Crochet is a method of creating fabric from a thread, yarn or other material using a crochet hook. Crochet hooks can be made of materials such as wood, plastic, or metals manufactured by artisans. Through the method, the fabric obtains used for making clothes and is thick.


It is a technique for handcrafting a particular lace made by a series of loops and knots. The lace is formed by a pattern of chains and rings made from a cow hitch, known as double stitches, over a core thread. Taking can be used to create lace editing as well as collars, doilies and other beautiful decorative pieces. For decorative effect as well as practical construction, gaps are left between the stitches to form picots. It is famous in India, helps in increasing economic status.

Basket weaving

Basket weaving also is known as basketry and basket making. It is a process of weaving vegetable fibers into a basket or other items. People who make baskets are3 known as basketmakers and basket weavers. Baskets are made from various fabrics or materials, then bend into different shapes and design them beautifully. Some examples include stems, animal hair, hide, straw, grasses, thread, and wood.

These are some types of handicrafts famous all over countries. These make your India popular all over the international markets. Comment below which one you like most and give us another suggestion.