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Different Types of Handmade Elephant Statue

Indian handicrafts are highly popular due to their quality and natural beauty. Among the different types of handicrafts, handmade elephant statues are the most loved handicrafts in India. You will find a variety of handmade elephant statues having their unique style, grace, and beauty. Different categories of elephant statues can be used in different places for different purposes. Some of the handmade elephant statue types are carving elephant, undercut elephant, metal elephant, brass elephant, marble elephant, and many more. Let’s know in detail about the different types of handmade elephant statues.

Wood Carving Elephant

Handmade and modern crafted elephant statues are getting more and more popular. These carving elephants are well-known due to their quality and grace. This wooden carving elephant can be used as a gifting purpose to your family and friends during birthday, wedding and other special occasions. These #elephant #statues are adorned with hand painting work by skilled artisans.

Metal Elephant Statue

These types of statues are crafted in good quality of white metal and look adorable with embossing, meenakari and colorful designs by skilled artisans. Stubbed with stones and diamonds also used to decorate these metal elephant statues. These royal looking elephants have craftsmanship and artistic details. It can be an impressive gift due to its expensive and adorable look.

Brass Elephant Statue

These intricately detailing elephant statues offer uniqueness and beauty to the Indian handicrafts. Craftsmen use colorful stones to decorate these brass elephant statues. You can use these brass statues as showpieces for your home and also gift someone special.

Marble Elephant Statue

Elephant statues are made from pure white marble. These handmade marble statues come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Elephant marble statues are decorated with hand paintings and stones. Marble elephant crafted by the skilled artisans and always in demand due to its durability.

Undercut Elephant Statue

These elephant statues are crafted from the best quality of wood. Its stylish shape and amazing finish are done by wood experts. These elephant statues come in various sizes, as you can buy according to your choice. It undercut work and trunk upside are the reason for their high demands.

These are the different types of handmade carving elephant statues that can be used to gift someone and also as showpieces for your home.