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Essential Handmade Table Top Gifts

Table top Gifts are usually meant for decorative purposes. Tabletop items should be eye-catching, unique and adorable in their presence. These gifts can be handmade crafts as well. Handicrafts in India are omnipresent and they are known for their art and creativity all over the world.

If someone presents handmade gifts to anybody, it expresses the choice of selection and creative mind of the individual behind it. In India, you can find an enhanced range of essential handmade tabletop gifts. The following are some of them.


When it comes to a gift, it does not mean money. But money can be used in a different way instead of spending it. Get a chunk of currency notes, the amount does not matter here. Roll a mound of notes into temporary tree twigs. Prepare a bunch of these trees and put them on the table with the help of a stand. You can put them in a bouquet.


To make a cutout candle you can use any size of candles. You should candle according to the size of the hurricane candle holder that is available. Stick some beautiful designs on the bottom or sides of the candle holder, now put a candle inside this. You can use different colors of holders and candles of different fragrances.

CHALK PAINT ORNAMENTS – Useful Table Top Gifts

You can customize and beautify the ornaments with different chalk paints. A doodle design, name, date, and pictures can be used to personalize them. Put them on the table collectively or in a sequence.


Arrange some glass balls of any size or different sizes. Transparent glass balls would be the best choice. Fill up them with sundries like feathers, brush trees, photographs, etc. They will increase the essence of the recipient’s table.


Pair a glass basin with a combination of essential oils of your choice. Now put some diffusing sticks in the basin. A hand made and full of fragrance gift is ready to present.


Make a tree-like stem and stick tea bags on it. For tea lovers, it is even more useful.


Customize a wooden box into a herb planter. Make two or three pots inside it to plant different types of herbs. It will give a classic and natural touch. Wrap the wooden box to beautify it. You can use paintings and pictures on wooden walls.


Customized photo frames remain always in trend. Different combinations of colors and sizes, and metals, will make more impact.


Mason jar vase can be a multipurpose utility. With decoration and personalization, a simple mason jar vase could be converted into an eye-catching, tabletop item.


By embroidery, a handkerchief is given a special touch. Stitch a name, date or emoji.


In a glass or candle holder put a combination of colorful waxes. Make more of these sorts of colorful candles with different color combinations.

These are some unique and bold handmade table top gifts. Make the recipient feel special with these handmade gifts.