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Famous Indian Handicrafts

Every state of India has its tradition and its unique range of handicrafts; Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Assam, the south of India and many other states of the country have various types of crafts and craftsmen. Indian Handicrafts are exported in most of the countries in the world. Read more to know in detail about these handmade pieces.

Some states and their famous handicrafts:

Assam – Assam valley has its own prosperous traditional handicrafts business, mostly famous for handloom weave clothing, terracotta products, bamboo, and cane products, bell metal and brass handicrafts, pottery and woodcraft. Some famous silk produced in Assam is dubbed ‘Pat’ and ‘Muga’. ‘Mekhela –chaddar’ and ‘gamosa’ are some other products produced by weaving in Assam. Assamese jewelry products like ‘Gal-Pata’, ‘Jon-Biri’, ‘Dhol-Biri’ and other bamboo and cane jewelry attract the tourists and exports in Assam. Terracotta made toys, crafts and other handicrafts is also another point of attraction.

Gujarat – Colorful and festive culture of Gujarat shows its rich legacy in art and craft, mostly exported from cities like Surat, Ahmedabad, and Vadodara. Hand embroidery, beadwork, zari work, bandhani, are some famous handwork done in Gujarat. It also has pottery, jewelry and woodcraft products embracing the handicraft industry in the state. Other attractive handicrafts products which are famous are ‘Toran’, ‘Chaklas’, ‘Bhitiya’ and ‘Abhala’.

Kashmir – Most of the households in India have at least one pashmina shawl or carpet if they have ever been to Kashmir. Kashmir the heaven on earth is also in the list of most visited places in India. Districts like Srinagar, Ganderbal and budgam are famous for making handicraft goods in Kashmir. Phool Kari, Kashmiri rug, silverware, crewel embroidery, and Kashmiri woodwork are some famous handicraft items produced here.

Saharanpur – City of Uttar Pradesh, Saharanpur is famous for its wooden handicrafts. Wood products famous in Saharanpur are kitchen products, kid’s toys, designer furniture, other utility items, and wooden handicrafts. Best quality of wood like rosewood, teak wood, and mongo wood is used to produce these products. Wooden temple is another famous handicraft product produced in Saharanpur keeping in mind the religious concerns.

Rajasthan – Rajasthan is rich with its heritage and culture is also famous for its tourist attractions. Rajasthani handicraft has always been famous among foreign tourists as well as Indian tourists. Textile products like Bandhej, Bandhani, Lehariya and other prints of Sanganer and Bagru are exported all around the world, jewelry products famous in Rajasthan are Minakari, Kundan, and other enameled and silver jewelry. Carpets and durries, Rajasthani quilts, mojaris or jutis, Rajasthani paintings, blue pottery craft, ivory bangles, wooden furniture are other famous handicrafts of Rajasthan.

South of India – Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are famous all around the world for their wooden products and toys as they have huge areas of forests in their region, beautiful sandalwood products are carved in Karnataka. Tamil Nadu, Tirupati, and some other states of south India are famous for stone carving and stone made crafts. South India is also famous for its other handicraft products and Kanchipuram silk.

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