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Floral Carved Flower Pot with Wonderful Wood Carving

Indian handicrafts are famous worldwide for their different and unique carving. Some states and cities are famous for their distinct artwork. For example, Saharanpur is famous for woodcraft, Jaipur for blue pottery and Gujarat for handloom work. Since there is diversity in culture, carving techniques and the use of raw materials also vary in those places. Because of diversified topographical conditions, there are found different kinds of trees which provide raw materials with different virtues. Handicrafts with different qualities are crafted from these by using varied wood carving techniques.

Depending on the type of project, different wood carving techniques are employed to give an amazing look. These techniques require a lot of practice to get skilled. However, such skills are being transferred from one generation to another. Handicrafts are first carved in unique shape by skilled artisans. After that, these are painted beautifully and used for both decoration and quotidian purposes. Since it takes days and lots of effort in carving in distinct styles, these are worth buying. Such products have a huge demand in the international market and a wooden flower pot is one of these. According to a prominent Indian handicraft manufacturer, it is gaining popularity for its superfine floral carving these days.

wood carving

This product is a wonderful example of wood carving. It is an ideal piece for interior decoration. It is available in different sizes and you can buy this from Indian Craft in 8” height which is suitable to keep it on the shelf or the table. It will add grace to the place where it is kept. It is crafted from only a single piece of wood by skilled craftsmen. To give it a wonderful look, the superfine floral carving is done by using hand art. If you are looking for handmade gifts to present on anniversary or festive occasion, this decorative piece is a perfect choice. Its unique shape and floral carving will make guests appreciate you.

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