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Flower Pot with Leaf and Floral Carving – Popular Wood Craft

Wood has been an important and inseparable part of human life for ancient times. It has been used for various purposes such as furniture, decoration, home accessories, and kitchen accessories. It is a widely used material in handicrafts in India. Wooden items come with natural beauty and aesthetic appeal. That is why woodcraft is widely used in interior decoration. It is available in different varieties providing various options for decoration. With its huge popularity, it is gaining huge demand in the international market.

wood craft

There are different types of woods available due to variations in climates and geographical conditions. Teak, Sal, Mango wood, Ebony, Cedar, Whitewood, and Rosewood are widely used in wooden handicrafts. These come with different virtues which is why these are used in woodcrafts with different qualities. For example, Cedar comes with the capability of preventing insects and maintaining its shape in different weather conditions. That is why it is used in long-lasting products. Rosewood is widely used for products with high strength and sustainability. Teak is used for handicrafts that do not rot easily. You will find various amazing products crafted from different woods and flower pot with floral carving is popular among these.

This woodcraft has amazing leaf and floral carving done by expert artisans of Rajasthan. Its unique round shape and wonderful carving will give an ethnic touch to your living room. You can put artificial flowers in it and place it on the table, wall corner. Its eye-catching design will make guests appreciate you a lot. If you are looking for handmade gifts for any occasion, this flower pot is a perfect choice. Though it is available in different sizes, you can purchase it in 7” height and 5” diameter from Indian Crafts. You can also customize its design and patterns at this vendor.

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