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Ganesha Statue with Floral Carved Plate – Popular Variant of Indian Handicrafts

Handicrafts in India are worldwide famous for their distinct design and aesthetic beauty. As the name suggests, these are crafted by different hand tools. These incorporate various decorative and quotidian objects, and sculpture is one of these. It has been in Indian handicrafts for a long time. There are various statues manufactured that are inspired by different subjects. Some of the popular subjects are gods, animals, birds, and nature.

As worshiping god has been part of our Indian culture, various idols of them are crafted insignificant amounts. There are various ancient statues found in temples and monuments which reflect the prosperity of our culture. These are worshiped to achieve blessings of respective god. These are manufactured from different raw materials such as stone, metal, wood, and clay. Nowadays, wooden items are widely used for quotidian and decoration purposes. Therefore various wooden god statues are also gaining popularity. There are various wooden handicrafts suppliers found selling these in both the domestic and international markets.

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In Hindu culture, it is essential to have the blessing of Lord Ganesha first on an auspicious occasion. That is why he is worshiped first. There are different varieties of his statues available at Indian handicraft manufacturers and Ganesha Statue with Floral Carving Plate has huge demand these days. It is made from high-quality cedar wood by skilled craftsmen of Rajasthan. There is Lord Ganesha seated on a wooden base. In this statue, he has four hands and one is in the pose of blessing. Two rats are sitting on both side cushions.

This statue is a remarkable variant of Indian handicrafts. There is a wooden plate on the backside of lord Ganesha that has beautiful floral carving and undercut work. It is available in 10” height. It is an ideal piece for gifting at festivals and wedding occasions.

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