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Handicrafts Of India That You Must Buy

Handicrafts are commonly referred to as handmade crafts. In this procedure, people create different types of items from goods and convert them into beautifully decorated pieces out of clay, paper, wood, stone, rock, and many more which is made by hand and cheap tools. These types of items are called handicrafts, they are prepared by hands not involve any use of machinery. Many rural people earn their livelihood by making creative pieces of handicrafts. India is manufacturing a wide range of adorable handicrafts, which are popular in international markets. Every state of India has its own specialty. Here, we will discuss some handicraft items that you can buy, which are famous in India.


India has a rich tradition of the woodwork, especially in the northern states of India. Punjab is famous for its beautiful furniture designs and Chhattisgarh is famous for its wooden crafts like doors, masks, and sculptures. The beautiful state of India Kashmir specializes in artifacts which are made by using walnut trees, Jharkhand is famous for its creative paired wooden toys, the designs of primarily floral, human figures and animals are made in Goa. Red sandalwoods are used to create cutlery, designer paper knives and dainty boxes in Andhra Pradesh, Madurai specializes in its rosewood carvings and Kerala is famous for magnificent figurines of female made by kumbli wood.

Bamboo handicrafts

The most eco -friendly crafts of India that are made by using bamboo. Toys, mats, furniture, dolls, baskets, crossbows, jewelry boxes and many more are made by using bamboo. West Bengal, Assam, and Tripura are popular for the manufacturing of bamboo handicrafts.

Saris and silk

Women wrap around the waist and drape one end over the shoulder having cloth of around 4.5m to 8m is known as Saree. Silk saree of east India, Baluchari of the west of Bengal and mooga and Assam silk of Assam. One of the finest sarees of India is Banarasi saree for their fine silk, zari, gold, and opulent embroidery.

Pashmina shawls

For making pashmina shawls fine type of wool is used. Textiles of Pashmina are first woven in Kashmir. One single shawl takes 180 hours for manufacturing. Is it entirely hand processes, made by cashmere wool came from valleys of Kashmir.


Pottery is the most sensual form of all arts. Since the time of Harappan civilization, the tradition of potteries prevailed. Jaipur is famous for blue pottery, Bikaner is famous for its painted pottery, Pokhran is for potteries with geometrical patterns and Alwar for its kagzi pottery.


Leather is very old manufacturing in India. Various leather items are produced like bags, shoes, and garments. India is famous for its leather products. In ancient times, leather was used not only for footwear and clothes but also for making saddles, caps, shields, etc.

India is also famous for jute, shell, brass handicrafts, phulkaris, zardozi and also for carpet weaving. You should try from these handicrafts which are famous all over the world. Comment below which one you like most.