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Handicrafts Product that Manufactures in India

The roots of handicraft items are found in India. The manufacturing of handicrafts items is from ancient ages. The Indian handicrafts show the cultural brilliance of the artist. The artists model the culture in the form of their work and named them as handicrafts products. There products and creativity reflect the diverse communities, customs, tribes, traditions, languages, and culture.

Handicraft items manufacturing is very big business in India. The business roots are spread all across India. The different – different states manufacture different – different types of items. The handicraft business is the source of sustenance for millions of people. The different – different districts are specialized in a different – different type of handicraft items like handcrafted jewelry is a famous handicraft item of West Bengal while the gemstone handicraft painting is famous of Rajasthan.

marble painting

The handicrafts items from India are famous all across the World. These items are used mainly for decoration purposes and gifting purposes. Now let’s have a look at the list of Handicrafts products heads that are mainly manufactured in India.

Handicraft Items – Mainly materials like wood, stone, metal, glass, cane, bamboo and pottery are used for the creation of the handicraft items.

Handlooms and Textiles – The designer textile items and the products for home furnishing generally came under the Handlooms and textile product range.

Jewelry – The tribal jewelry manufacturing in India usually falls under the category of handicraft jewelry. This jewelry is generally made from metal, lacquer, and silver. Not only is the jewelry while the boxes that we use to keep jewelry are also constructed with intricate tribal work and this also loved by many.

Apparels and Accessories – The apparels with the traditional flavor are also manufactured by the artist from all over the country. The Apparel and Accessories constitute a major part of India’s handicraft products. These apparels and accessories are manufactured for both genders like for male and female.

Carpets – Indian handicraft carpets have spread their popularity from the ancient time. The woolen and silk coverings carpets are the main source of foreign earnings in the handicraft business.

Leather Goods – The leather that is mostly loved by everyone all across the globe is used by Indian Handicraft artists to produce products like footwear, bags, belts, clothes and other home accessories with the Indian traditional touch.

Paintings – The folk art painting from the Rajasthan state has spread its popularity all across the world and these are mainly used for decoration purposes. These are used for both home and corporate sector decorations.

Paper Products – The handmade papers of India are loved and used by many all across the world. Not only the handmade papers are manufactured under the paper products while products like paper bags, table accessories, and decorative items are also manufactured.

Furniture – The furniture items with the traditional touch are also the main business in the handicraft business. The products that are produced under this category are Beautifully designed Beds, Stools, Cabinets, Almirah, Tables, Chairs, Mirror Frames, Home Temples, Sofa Sets, etc and these items hold a strong position in the market.