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Handicrafts You Must Buy When Visiting These 10 Indian States

India is a country of diversity and rich culture wherein every state you can find different languages, food, art and most importantly handicrafts which represent the cultural aspects of the state. Each state has its distinctive quality in art and crafts which are made out of local skilled people. Most of the people in India still earn from making handicrafts. Handicrafts are made out of paper, rock, wood, clay, bamboo, metal, shell and the list is endless.

Here are the 10 states that are rich in rural handicrafts made out of rich skills –

1. Rajasthan- Rajasthan is the largest state of India which is famous for its rich history. Rajasthan has many historical places which makes it more special for tourists to visit. Recently, Jaipur has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Besides its rich history and culture, it is famous for its handicrafts also. The skills and art of local artists make world-class handicrafts. In Rajasthan, you can find embroidery handicrafts, Rock handicrafts, Brass handicrafts made by artists having specialization in such fields. Kathputli is one recognized handicraft that is famous around the world, these are dolls made from wood and fabric and are used in the fun natak activity on street places. This handicraft is of good use and increases the beauty of your decor.

2. Goa – Goa is a western state situated on the coast of the Arabian sea. Goa is famous for its beaches and beautiful Portuguese structure. The local people of Goa make handicrafts out of the shell that is found on the beaches of Goa. The local artists are famous for unique skills in making shell handicrafts and many more handicrafts that are only found in Goa.

3. Gujarat – Gujarat is an important Indian state famous for its rich culture, heritage, and unique architecture. Mostly Gujarat is famous for his food worldwide where Gujarati food is popular everywhere in the world for its unique taste. On the other hand, Gujarati people are blessed with business qualities and most of the small business houses are engaged in making world-class handicrafts. Embroidery handicrafts are made specially in the state of Gujarat with its unique and skilled artists. The banni and heer embroidery of Gujarat is famous worldwide and these are exported to other nations also. It is famous for its richness and vibrancy in color and design patterns.

4. Madhya Pradesh – Madhya Pradesh is famous worldwide for the sculptures of Khajuraho and its wildlife. The state is the center of India; it is rich in culture and its historical architecture. Madhya Pradesh is famous in rock handicrafts, textile products. The famous textile is chanderi and Maheshwari sarees which are famous worldwide. The artists of Madhya Pradesh are famous in carving unique designs and patterns in rock and it is famous around the world.

5. Delhi – Delhi being the capital of India is famous for many reasons and handicrafts are one of the reasons. There are world-class artists available in Delhi which gets the proficiency in carving and making unique paper handicrafts. Handicrafts from all around India are taken here and made available to purchase for everyone. It is one of the richest cities in culture and at different levels, it has contributed to the field of art and craft.

6. Uttar Pradesh – Uttar Pradesh is called the heart of India and it is rich in culture and history. The one and only Taj Mahal are situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This is the reason the local artists of Uttar Pradesh are famous in making rock handicrafts. Besides the rock handicrafts, UP is also famous for making paper handicraft and horn handicrafts. Horn handicrafts are made from the horns of animals where it is one of the ancient art forms only a few artists are capable of. On the other hand, paper handicrafts are famous in Uttar Pradesh.

7. West Bengal- West Bengal is an eastern Indian state on the Bay of Bengal. It was famous for the East India Company from the very past and that is the reason most of the architecture is inspired by the British era. Besides West Bengal is famous for its rich handicrafts industries, it manufactures many types of handicrafts including jute handicrafts, dhokra handicrafts, clay handicrafts, Bamboo handicrafts. Jute handicrafts include making footwear, wristbands, jewelry, boxes, trays and many more. Only Bengal artists have proficiency in making these kinds of handicrafts only in India. On the other hand, the artists make handicrafts out of clay which only a few in the world are capable of. Besides the artists makes Dhokra handicrafts and handicrafts out of clay.

8. Odisha – Odisha is the temple city of India rich in its culture and art. Odisha is famous for its love and harmony and peace-loving peoples. On the other hand, its handicrafts are famous worldwide including dhokra handicrafts, horn handicrafts. The dhokra handicrafts are made from metal casting using a wax casting method. With its unique technique and mastery in making its artist are very few in the world.

9. Himachal Pradesh – Himachal Pradesh is known as the god’s own place. It is the state of mountains and most of its people’s lives in remote areas and this is the reason it is rich in making handicrafts from local artists. Himachal Pradesh is famous for making woodwork, shawls, and carpets. Their pashmina shawls are famous worldwide and exported to different countries.

10. Assam – Assam is famous for its natural beauty and its Tea’s world-class. People from around the world come to Assam to taste the authentic taste of Assam tea. Besides the tea, it is famous for the Bamboo handicrafts which are made from a Bamboo tree that is available only in Assam. The authentic masterpieces made by local artists give it the taste of the essence of Assam. The Bamboo handicrafts look very appealing and unique to decorate your décor most beautifully.

These are the most popular handicraft producing states in India. People must visit these to get very beautiful and eye-catching crafts from here.