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Himachal Pradesh – Developed Rich Tradition of Indian Handicrafts

Most people love to decorate their homes with beautiful artworks and Indian handicrafts are their favorite choices. They love these for their aesthetic beauty and amazing designs. These are manufactured using different materials such as metal, clay, wood, marble, paper, stone, and many more. These have been an inseparable part of Indian culture for a long time. Every state of this country has a unique contribution to the rich traditions of handicrafts in India. Among various counties, Himachal Pradesh produces plausible and distinctive handcrafted items.

Indian handicrafts

In this state, rich traditions of Indian handicrafts have prospered in Himachal Pradesh. Its handicraft work includes leather embroidery, metal wares, paintings, woolen textiles, and wooden handicrafts. The wide range of handicrafts found in this state is unique and reflects the artistic skills of local craftsmen. Among various arts, Thangka is a popular Tibetan art in which intricate and brightly colored painting is done on cloth.
It depicts mostly Buddha and is popular among people worldwide. Carpets and rugs of this state are popular for their wonderful colors and amazing motifs. Blankets are also available in huge quantities. This state has also a specialty in making fine shawls.

Himachal Pradesh has various forests providing wood in large quantities. Wood carving is still living the art of this state. In old-time, it was used in constructing temples and palaces. Nowadays, it is used by expert artisans to create intricate designs for houses. Various wood crafts such as boxes, paintings, jewelry, and utensils are produced by them.

This state is also rich in traditional paintings which you can see in old village houses. Its metalwork includes exquisite statuettes and musical instruments. Beads and metals are primary parts of jewelry worn by local people. Richly colored silk “Rumors” of Chamba is a wonderful example of embroidery work.

In conclusion, Himachal Pradesh has developed rich traditions of Indian handicrafts

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