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Indian Handicrafts And Its Growing Fame All Over The Globe

Every passing day Indian handicrafts are gaining fame in different corners of the world. We get a chance to read many articles related to the same, it can be about their different types or the marketing figures or other things. India is a country with rich diversity, so accordingly we can find a range in handicrafts in different states too. Here we have discussed a few of them, which are quite popular these days. Read on to know about them in detail.

Gujrat Handicrafts

Colorful designs and beautiful mirror work on fabric have given a lot of fame to this market. As many things like clothes, bedsheets, cushions, etc are designed with this art. It gives a tribal and funky look to the product. People all over the world love these intrinsic designs. Tie and dye work which is more popular as bandhani is also the finest handicraft piece from this state. 


Rajasthani Handicrafts 

Jaipuri sarees have made a strong impact on every part of the world, making it the major exporter of the world. Jaipuri bedsheets are also a great source of attraction for many parts of the world. The world demand for Jaipuri handicrafts has increased significantly over the years. The market has expanded its base to a very wider area and the reach of Jaipuri sarees is also increasing exponentially. The handicrafts are perfectly designed and crafted in Jaipur and exported to different parts of the country.

South Indian Handicrafts

South India has amazing landscapes and a variety of things that make the union territory quite popular. Stone carvings, wood craft and sandalwood handicrafts from Karnataka state are quite popular since times. Kanjeevaram silk sarees, palm leaves made objects, hand-woven clothes, silk fabric and mats of Tamil Nadu are also quite trendy and people visiting places find them worth purchasing. Gold and silver jewelry of Kerala is always on the list of shopping lovers.

Kashmiri Handicraft 

As the place is known as heaven in the world, the same goes for its hand made beautiful products. Famous items from this state are mostly woolen wear which includes shawls, jackets, suits and all the day to day wear things. Besides these carpets, artistically crafted jewelry and other decorative pieces are also quite popular. 

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