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Indian Handicrafts Industry : Different Sections

The Indian handicrafts industry mirrors the aspect of age-old Indian civilization. Every state has its unique handicraft products, thus the diverse Indian handicraft industry’s nature is evident. This is a great employment-intensive sector and an industry that is extremely viable economically. So, here are a few popular categories of handicrafts in India:


handicrafts in IndiaMainly manufactured by the artisans and potter of Jaipur, Alwar, Kutch, Bikaner, Khujra, Meerut and Hapur. This type of handicraft involves the shaping of pottery clay into a utilitarian and interesting range of pottery.

Metal Surface Decorations:

handicrafts in IndiaPopularly called Bidri, this variety of handicrafts involves wide usage of applique overlays and inlays. Generally, the surface is coated with silver and gold inlays. The Enameling technique also comes under this handicrafts category involving metal surface coated with colored layers first followed by etching on these layers.

Metal Crafts:

handicrafts in IndiaThis category of handicrafts involves molding of softer metals like copper, brass, gold, and silver into a consummate variety of artifacts like utensils, jewelry and statuettes.

Wood Crafts:

handicrafts in IndiaThis involves the art of exquisite carvings of different wood types into idols, furniture, wall hanging plaques, etc., especially practiced by artisans of Uttar Pradesh, Jammu, Kashmir, Gujarat, Kerala, and Karnataka.


handicrafts in IndiaTerracotta refers to baking clay into an excellent variety of receptacles like jewelry, jars, small utilitarian furniture, etc.

Stone Craft:

handicrafts in India

This kind of handmade gifts involves molding various stones via grinding, cutting and polishing them finally into various forms of candle stands, lamp shades, stoneware, etc. This is the hallmark of Tamil Nadu, Varanasi, Bihar, Vrindavan and Agra.

Handcrafted Jewelry:

handicrafts in IndiaThis requires great skills for carving a conspicuous variety of jewelry using stones that range from pearls to the amethyst. Both semis- precious and precious stones are utilized in this form f handicraft.


handicrafts in India

Handicrafts based on textiles are just fabulous and can be credited to skillful weaving, innovative designs, and vivid color schemes.

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