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Jute Products As Eco-friendly Handicrafts

After the cotton jute is the next most essential natural fiber. Jute plant is also a biodegradable plant and used to make burlap, gunny cloth and hessian. Due to its high monetary value and golden shade of fiber jute is also known as golden fiber. Jute is a long, shiny and soft vegetable fiber. Jute plant just needs water and plain alluvial soil. The jute fibers are first extracted by retting. There are two types of retting are ribbon and stem. Today crude jute is a mechanical term for jute fiber. These products are contributing by reducing global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The jute plants are grown in alluvial soil and need standing water. Jute plants growing during the monsoon season. For successful jute cultivation, 70%-80% of relative humidity and temperature from 20°C-40°C are favorable. Villages of India used to wear jute clothes to keep warm their bodies in winters. Soft water is an essential element for jute production.

Here we’ve listed some eco-friendly products that are made of jute in India:

Jute is 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable material and does not contribute to polluting the environment like poly and plastic does. India is the biggest producer of jute products as its climate is favorable for jute cultivation.

Jute mats and rugs

Jute mats and rugs are looks beautiful and thick in fabric. Jute mats came in 5/6 meter width and cover floor perfectly-being woven in the southern states of India. These products are of good quality and having long durable.

Burlap cloth

Burlap is also known as hessian. This hessian jute fabric is used to produce eco-friendly products like bags, mats, rugs and much more. These jute fabrics are completely biodegradable.

Jute bags

These jute bags are made using sacking and hessian fabrics with straps, handles, chains in various measurements and shapes. These bags are generally used for marketing and good to carry a heavy load. Various types of jute bags that are produced out of jute fabric are shopping bags, beach bags, wine bottle bags, hessian cloth bags, sling jute bags, promotional bags, sacking jute bags and much more.


This yarn thread is made by interlocking jute fabrics. This yarn is generally used for the production of sewing, textiles, knitting, ropemaking, crocheting, weaving and embroidery.

Decorative products

Eco-friendly jute handicrafts decorative products look gorgeous and look pretty expensive. These jute products add extra beauty to your home and best for the environment. Some notable jute handicraft products are wall hangings, baskets, curtains, mats, bags, flower pots, flowers, rugs, pen stands and many more. Everyone can easily afford these types of decorative products.

Sacking fabric

These sacking bags are good for packing food grains and many other commodities. These bags are great to put heavyweights and have a coarse texture.

We hope you have clear now that jute is totally eco-friendly. We will suggest you use jute bags only for keeping clean our environment. Which jute product you like most? Share with us through placing your comments.