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Systems make the structure and help things run fastly, smoothly and effectively, but handmade things, who often start as a hobby, resist them. The shift from hobby to the business owner is a critical one to make something New — I know that I make it. I want you to assure you that it’s worth it.

Set aside individual days of the week when you will make unique handmade products. This will help you plan how to organize all these things. You won’t waste a time wondering what to do or make next. You can also share your manufacturing schedule with peoples (wholesale and retail) so they know what to accept.

Use a tool like Google to plan and make blog posts, Tweets, and Facebook updates to share ideas. You don’t have to be demanding, but a basic setup will allow you to lead your business with more declare, and you can tweak it to develop.

Handmade businesses are very high in terms of products and physical attraction with customers but tend to be less so when it comes to using technology to help in increasing sales. The good news is that you have seen people who were once fearful of technology fall in love with it when they begin tracking sales directly to the use of a once scary tech tool in this.

Start with discovering what technologies are used in businesses that are similar to you. Make a list of 3 or 4 things they seem to use effectively and get some methods. Accept the same approaches in your business and unique stamp on them.

A word of caution: as you expand or develop, be careful that you don’t introduce complementary products without making your core is strong. If your core is solid, and you can running smoothly, it will be a good time to consider as a new source of income that complements your existing or other income and creates new ways for you to increase revenues.

When your business grows, you will find more people or customers demanding to identify with more than other your products. Your regular customers will decision or talking about you *and* your products, and in other ways, the two will merge into a brand.

Handmade entrepreneurs are in a higher position of making the products they sell. It means that when a customer sees your products, whether they like it or not, they will also see you. Take advantage of this by letting people experience you personally touching with them as you market your products.

Share photos of you in your production studio making things people love to buy is a good way to leverage yourself as a person, as you also promote your products. In time, if you’d like, you can translate this visibility into new streams of income as a blogger, a coach or speaker.

Select the ones that you are weakest. Add a new goal each month, and by this time next year, you will have advanced both personally and professionally, your revenues should increase, and you’ll be having more fun in your life and your business.