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Methods to Keep Edge Of Wood Carving Tool Sharp

Wood carving is a more common practice done by most artisans across the globe. In India, there are various techniques evolved which influence local climate and culture. Though all of these involve the hands-on operation of wood using different tools, some are very difficult to learn. Every carver should know tools for different purposes. Although there are power tools available, hand ones give “human touch” to the wooden handicrafts which power tools cannot give.

wooden handicrafts

Generally, wood carving tools have sharp-edged blades, but these can get dull with time. To manufacture woodcraft properly, you should keep blades sharp. Any cuts with a dull knife will damage the look of the final project. Dull tools are very harmful as these can cause serious injuries. Suppose, if you are whittling wood using a tool with a less intense blade, the knife can get slipped and cause wounds on the body. A sharp tool does not get slipped that easily. Therefore, you should keep an edge sharp. There are three methods you can use for this purpose. These are mentioned below.
A sharpening stone is the most common way to the sharp edge of wood carving tools. When you use it, remember to apply water on soft stone and oil on a hard one. After this, draw the blade across the stone repeatedly until it gets sharpened. Another method used is power grinders. If you are using this, use grit or felt buffing wheel. Always remember to wear goggles to protect your eyes from sparks. When you are sharpening, keep the blades turning away from you. Leather straps are also used for this purpose. Micro-fine abrasives presented in these are good ways to sharp knives and many wooden handicrafts suppliers prefer these.
Well, keeping the edge sharp is necessary for wood carving tools. Some methods are mentioned above which you can use.

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