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Must-Know The Various Types Of Handicrafts Practice In India

Handicrafts common referred to as artisan or handmade crafts. In this method, skilled labors make different types of products from raw materials and convert them into decorative pieces out of clay, paper, rock, wood, stone and many more. They create them by hand and use cheap and simple tools. These types of products are produced are known as handicrafts as they create by hand and do not involve any use of machinery. From time immemorial, India is famous for its handicrafts even in the international markets too. The handicrafts of India have been respected and loved by everyone. Many rural people still practicing handicrafts to earn their livelihood. India is producing a core of varied kinds of handmade products, which are popular for their creativity, uniqueness, and quality. In the following article, we’ll get to know about some of the popular handicrafts of India that you can take back:

Unique Woodwork crafts

The northern states of India are popular for their woodwork. Regions in Punjab practice exquisite wooden furniture. Kashmir specializes in its artifacts and Chhattisgarh is for its wooden crafts like windows, doors, frames, sculptures, and masks. Wooden toys which are always in a pair produced in Jharkhand, wood carving in goa, red sandalwood is used make dainty boxes, paper knives, and cutlery in various designs in Andhra Pradesh and rosewood carvings in Madurai. Karnataka specializes in its beautiful furniture, images, and elephant made from rosewood and Kerala is famous for magnificent figurines of females made from Kumble wood.

Beautiful Pashmina shawls

Pashmina made of the finest quality of goat’s wool. Its textiles are first practiced in Kashmir. All procedure of combing, spinning, weaving, and finishing is entirely carried out by hand. A single pashmina shawl takes approximately 180 hours into producing. They have exquisite embroidery and came in beautiful shades of colors. They keep you warm and are also famous for their softness.

Amazing Pottery art

Pottery is one of the most sensual forms of all arts. Since the time of Harappan civilization, the tradition of handmade pottery prevailed in India. North India is also famous for handmade pottery. Uttar Pradesh makes orange, light red and brown shade pottery and to black and dark red produced in Himachal Pradesh. Some states of Rajasthan is also famous for its beautiful pottery designs like Bikaner is for its painted pottery, Alwar for its kagzi pottery, Jaipur for its blue pottery, and Bikaner is for its painted pottery. The potter occupies a special position in the handicraft tradition of India.

Jute crafts

Jute is one of the important components of Indian handicrafts. Jute crafts include footwear, carpets, wine bottle bags, rugs, handbags, carry bags, jewelry, baskets, lampshades, wall hangings, coasters, showpieces, and decorative articles. India is a center for these amazing jute handicrafts and people all over the world visit the jute craft fairs to purchase these perfect creative products. Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, being the leading jute producers, drive the jute crafts in India.

Leather products

The old-age convention of leathercraft skill is proved by ancient ascetics and sages. India is famous for its leather products even in the international markets also. Leather crafts supply leather stamps, tools, kits, belts, dyes, conchos, lace, bags, saddles, caps, shield and many more. Madhya Pradesh is also famous for its various leather crafts like garments, shoes, and bags. Kolhapuri chappals of Maharashtra is famous for its quality and designs.

Brass handicrafts

Brass handicrafts are made by the alloy of copper and zinc. Brass is popular among the handicrafts because of its aesthetic quality and durability. Different products made of brass are widely used in many houses even today like vases, tabletops, ornament boxes, perforated lamps, wine glasses, lord figures and many more. Rajasthan is a lead producer of brass handicrafts.

Shell crafts

These seashell handicrafts were first published in July 2013. There are three kinds of the shell are tortoiseshell, seashell, conch shells. Handicraft Products made of the shell are table mats, decorative bowls, bangles, forks, curtains, lockets, mirror frames, chandeliers, etc. are look amazing and expensive. The places located on the seashore like goa, Odisha, Gulf of Mannar and many more are producing amazing shell handicrafts. Shell art pieces are found here at affordable prices.

Bamboo handicrafts

Crafts that are made by using bamboo are environmentally friendly and fast-growing crafts made in India. The amazing items made from bamboo are toys, furniture, baskets, wall-hangings, jewelry boxes, crossbows, dolls and many more. Tripura, West Bengal, and Assam are famous for its bamboo handicrafts.

Carpet weaving handicrafts

The skill of carpet weaving in India is centuries old. Carpets are generally made of silk and wool. Jammu and Kashmir are famous for their silk carpets, which are mostly woven in Srinagar. The city Bidohi has more than 500 carpet manufacturing handicraft industries, which makes bidohi the leading hand-knotted carpet weaving hubs in South Asia. The largest carpet weaving industries in the country are located in Uttar Pradesh.

Creativity of Zardozi

Zardozi is a type of heavy work and elaborate metal embroidery on velvet, satin or silk base fabrics. Embroidery designs are often created using expensive threads like silver and gold threads and can incorporate beads, pearls, and many more precious stones. Uttar Pradesh is famous for its zardozi work. This embroidery work is mainly popular in Delhi, Ajmer, Lucknow, Bhopal, Chennai, Kashmir, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

Adorable Silk and saris

Sais are available in silk, cotton, satin, crepe, georgette, and chiffon with beautiful embroidery engraved on it. East India is specialized in its silk saris. Banarasi sarees are famous in India for their silver and gold brocade or zari, beautiful embroidery and fine silk. The Baluchari sarees of West Bengal, mooga and Assam silk of Assam is famous for its quality and beauty. Tamil Nadu is well known for its Kanchipuram sarees, Andhra Pradesh is for cotton sarees with heavy pallus in KothaKota and gadwal, and expensive golden borders. Karnataka has its amazing skill is ILkal sarees dominated by rich shades like peacock blue, parrot green, and pomegranate red. Paithani sarees of Maharashtra are popular in India.

These are the different types of products practiced in India from old age. India is famous for its unique and creative handmade skills. Let us know through your special comments, which handicraft you like most and have already bought it?