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Petromax Wood Lamp – Wonderful Variant of Wooden Handicrafts

Wood is one of the widely used substances in handicrafts in India. It has been an inseparable part of human life for thousands of years. Many kitchen accessories, interior decoration items, sculptures, and utility items are manufactured from it. Such kinds of products come with elegant designs and unique carvings which is why these have a huge demand in the market. Due to variations in climate, there are different types of trees found. These trees provide woods with different virtues which are employed in manufacturing wooden handicrafts with different qualities.

Cedar is one of the widely used substances in wooden handicrafts. It has a remarkable capability of maintaining dimensions. In other words, it does not change its shape due to a change in temperature and humidity. Other types of wood get deformed when exposed to moisture. It also can prevent insects. It is widely used in crafts which lasts for a long time. It is light and porous which is why it is preferred by most wooden handicrafts suppliers. There are many products of it available in the market and a Petromax wood lamp is one of these.

wooden handicrafts

This lamp is a wonderful variant of wooden handicrafts. It is crafted from high-quality raw material by expert artisans of Jaipur. There are different types of wood carving techniques employed in it. This lamp has undercut work, superfine Shikhar and floral carving. It comes in the “Petromax” shape. Lion hunting deer is engraved in it. All these qualities make it an ideal piece for interior decoration. You can hang this lamp from the ceiling or keep at any place to light up surroundings. Its unique shape and carving will surely make guests admire you. It is also an ideal handmade gift for presenting on wedding and festive occasions. Though this product is available in different sizes, you can purchase it in 15” height from Indian Crafts.

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