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Show Them Love With These Adorable Handmade Valentines Gifts

Handmade valentine’s gifts that you can bake and make for your special valentine this winter. It’s time to search for the best gifts for your girlfriend as well as for your boyfriend. Choose a cute and romantic one to express your affection and love. These handmade gifts are sure to show special ones how much you care.

Put your busy life pause for some hours and make a beautiful gift from the heart with little touches that will have significance to the two of you. Creating a handmade gift is easier than you think. Browse our ideas and make an adorable gift to make him feel special. Here we’ve collected some best handmade gifts that will not only show your love even show your care also.

Homemade chocolate truffles

Your sweetheart will definitely love these homemade truffles. Show your love and care with cream and chocolate, assorted flavors and coated with either chopped nuts or cocoa, perfect for valentine’s day. These truffles are an economical way to make a valentine’s gift-worthy treat but it also allows you to customize and give him something that’s made with a special love.

Butterfly heart canvas

Send their heart into a flutter with this beautiful butterfly artwork that you’ll want to display long after that day. Butterflies made out of beautiful shades of single color cardstock arranged in the shape of a heart on a canvas, imagine how beautiful it will look. Share the love with this whimsical canvas art this valentine’s day.

Heart-motif cushion

Make the ultimate cozy love nest for lover’s day with this simple heart-motif cushion. Brighten up his/her home with this gorgeous handmade cushion. Turn his/her home’s space into a love den with amazing cushion design that you can make so easily. You just need to research some unique designs patterns of heart and take a beautiful looking cushion cover, then place your selected design on it. Your partner will surely love this, as it is made by your hands.

Scented fabric hearts

Use up fabric scraps to create these adorable fabric hearts and give it to your love. It is an amazing way to show your love to him and also an ideal way to use leftover scraps of fabric, means you do not need to give those expensive costs. Scented with dried, just perfect to show your love and impress him from your creativity.

Scented candles

Scented candles are a great way to create a romantic surrounding around both of you. These are the waxed candles that are blended with aroma oils. Make these scented candles to create a pleasant atmosphere for him and calm his/her mind. Making your scented candles much cost less than buying them. Plus this way, you can pick your partner’s favorite scent. And it is also perfect for setting a great mood for a romantic night in.

Love heart hot water bottle

A wide variety of hot water bottles are available in the market, but if you make it your own that will make him happier. You can make a beautiful heart cover or you either can add some love quotes on it. Give your special one something to snuggle up with when you’re not there. It will help him to keep warm, treating back and abdominal pains, and also improve his/her sleep. Use comfortable and soft material to make it look more attractive.

Knitted teddy bear

Check out various knitted teddy bears for the very best custom or unique, handmade piece. Show your love and affection through knitted patterns of teddy bears with his/her favorite colors. First, you have to choose his/her favorite knitting pattern such as teddy bear, polar bear, Paddington bear, panda, koala bear, and many more. You can make this knitted teddy bear for a teddy day also.

Paper flowers

Don’t forget to give flowers along with your beautiful handmade gift, rather than buy a bunch of flowers makes them. Sometimes artificial paper flowers are just better than real ones because they do not need maintenance and them last longer. The best thing about the paper flowers is that they are both easy to make and inexpensive. Use craft papers to make customized ones for more unique colors. These beautiful and delicate paper flowers will show them how much you love and care for him.

Marbled notebook

This pretty marbling effect will transform a notebook into something attractive and special. Marbling became widely popular and frequently used in decorating notebooks, books, and many more. Let’s do with marbling and make a beautiful looking gift for him. You can also add a personal or romantic note to make it a keep-forever valentine’s gift.

Paper quilled valentine’s card

Rather than buying a valentine’s card, make them. Enjoy Valentine’s day with a heartfelt card from a paper source. Find more and more options to match their and your personality. This colorful and bright valentine’s day card will brighten up your special one’s day more. Wait wait, add an extra unique touch with using paper quilling. The technique is effective yet beautiful. It is very easy to do, you can use quilling tools to make it look more attractive with perfection.

Painted heart mugs

These painted heart mugs are really amazing and also easy to make. Just show your love of coffee on this valentine’s day to your valentine. Pick a plain mug and then add your love touch by painting it or making heart shapes. Your love will remember you whenever he/she drinks coffee in this mug.

Driftwood heart

Check out the best driftwood heart design collection and make a unique gift for him. With a few supplies such as twine and pieces of driftwood, hot glues, cardboard, you can create your own gorgeous driftwood heart. This is a great way to bring back memories of romance as well as beautiful days on the beach with this driftwood heart, which will look great on your love’s door or mantlepiece.

These are the best-collected valentine’s gift to make your love feel special. Pick one of them and express your love and care.