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Things To Consider When Exporting Indian Handicrafts

With the rich and vibrant Indian handicrafts industry, flourishing day by day, more and more handicraft companies in India have started exporting their handicraft products to different countries. So, here is a list of a few essential points to consider when exporting these products or when you want to start a new Handicrafts export business:

  • Getting The License

Handicrafts in India

If you are starting your export business, then ensure to register as a supplier of handicraft products and complete all legal formalities. Don’t forget to get the appropriate licenses as well.

  • Knowing The Trade Policies
    There are different trade policies involved in trading handicrafts, so collect all information about them before starting to export. Find out about all the trade restrictions and customs duties that apply to the export of products you want to carry out.
  • Careful And Proper Packaging
    Mist Indian handicrafts are delicate and thus require careful handling, which can be easily achieved by proper packaging. So, you need to take full care of proper packaging as well as safe delivery of all the products you export.
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality is the most important factor that any buyer considers. Most buyers choose suppliers after checking the quality of their products only. And if a buyer is happy with the quality, he even agrees to pay for the products he purchased. Creative and efficient manufacturing along with the use of high-quality raw materials guarantees top quality handicrafts.
  • Logistics
    For any export business, logistics is quite crucial. To ensure the timely delivery of products, you should have connections with good transporters or logistics services provider. Moreover, you need to be quite specific while choosing the service provider as careless handling may ruin the quality of the product and it may leave a negative impression on the buyer of your handicraft products.

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