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Two Uncommon Enameling Forms Used for Metal Handicrafts in India

Proficient craftsmen use their skills to manufacture Indian handicrafts from different materials such as metal, wood, clay, and many more. They work hard to make these beautiful and eye-catching. Many people around the world love and use these for different purposes. The metal handicrafts in India are popular worldwide for their enamel work. There are two main forms of this work, the cloisonne, and the champlevé. These forms are very old, but two more forms are used by a few craftsmen. These are Basse-taille and Plique-à-jour.

handicrafts in India

Basse-taille is an extended form of the champlevé method. In the champlevé process, the metal surface is cut and filled with the enamel. However, in Basse-taille, the area to be filled with the enamel is chiseled or engraved using hand tools in low relief. Since this area lies below the surface of the metal, the enamel lies in the varying thicknesses of the engraved surface.
The colored enamels used in metal handicrafts in India are translucent. That is why one can see the low relief work. Since gold and silver are widely used, so the light reflects through translucent enamel, enhancing the beauty of the product. According to a prominent Indian handicraft manufacturer, these give Impression of three-dimensional modeling.

Plique-à-jour is used to generate an effect of stained glass material in metal handicrafts in India by using translucent enamel. It is similar to the cloisonné but except one thing. In this technique, the strips of metals, used for forming blocks, are temporarily attached instead of soldering. These strips are attached to a metal base to which enamel does not stick. After this enamel is fused and then, the metal sheet is removed, leaving a net of metal strips filled with enamel. These can be further embellished and polished to enhance beauty.

Well, these are two uncommon forms of enameling used by some handicrafts exporters. You can buy metal handicrafts in India from Bihar, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Lucknow, and Varanasi to decorate your living place.

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