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Various Colors of Gujarati Craftsmanship

Gujarat, the coastal state situated on the western coast, is varied with the beauty of enticing culture, tradition, heritage and the prominent one craftsmanship. Gujarat state shares the boundary with the neighboring state Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh, which is also known for rich heritage of handicrafts. the art and craft of state aren’t limited to the state’s boundary, rather its spreading artisan’s talent to the world map.

Here, people cherish immemorial practices and happily pass on their messages from one generation to another. This rich tradition makes Gujarat the famous and most loved state of the country. Every artwork reflects the creativity, cultural practices, and love of people towards the color of life.

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Gujrat is home to craftsmanship, from the early civilizations. During the excavation of Indus valley civilization presence of a kiln at Lothal represents that pottery was the prominent craft. Some of the oldest crafts and textile of Gujrat, in great demand in western and southeast Asia, are crafted here.


Gujrat has a rich legacy in handicrafts like embroidery, bandhani, tie &dye, hand block printing, bead & mirror work on apparel, handwork on garments are the best crafts of the textile industry. These crafts are exquisite and available in different forms. The diversity in art & craft offers stone & wooden carving, furniture, metalwork, silver jewelry, baked clay &pottery, handmade carpets, and durry weaving and many others.


Textile is the giant industry of Gujarat, which has been spreading artisan’s handwork to the world. Gujarat is famous for the unique techniques and elegant skills of embroidery and needlework. not only in clothing but needlework is also used creatively in making quilts, pillow covers, handloom products, wall hangings type decorative pieces.


Patola of Patan is an attractive colorful woman wear with geometrical patterns. A beautiful silken saree is manufactured using tie and weaving techniques which results in identical designs based on geometrical patterns.


The jewelry-making art of Gujrat is famous worldwide. Making folk jewelry using precious stone, cutting and carving of precious stone, silver, and brass jewelry, are the specialties of Gujrat, for which it remarked its glory.

Tie & dye

Dying is a hereditary art passed from one generation to another, earlier clothes were dyed using colors of flower and tree extract. The most famous women wears are odhani, bandhani, Ghaghra and tie & dye variety of saree.


It has been a craft from Banni, a village in Ran of Kutch is known for women’s craftsmanship in embroidery. The beautiful and gleaming shine of such embroidery with small interspersed mirrors with glitters is called Abhala-Bharat.


Beadwork of Gujarati motifs depends on combining beads and using beads in a variety of home decor items.

Wood & stone craving

Gujrat is spreading the impressive culture of stone carving that looks real and designed with excellent craftsmanship. This craft is representing the folk tradition of the state.

Wooden carving has always been an integral part of Gujrat. The exclusive culture of wooden carving began in the 12th century and since then it represented glorious craftsmanship of the state.

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