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Why Handicrafts are Better Gift Over Ready-made Gifts?

What will be more meaningful to you? A low price item from a machine that is nothing special and a mere part of bulk production or a piece that is crafted by the person by his or her hand and showcases the blend of efforts and creativity.

handicrafts in India

If you’re not all into perfection and look for something beyond that than you would definitely say the Latter. Handicrafts obviously make up for a more special gift than already made gift simply because it shows that the Giver has taken enough time and thought to get you something so beautiful and unique. Here are some other reasons that make Handicrafts better gift options over ready-made gifts:

Readymade v/s handmade gifts:

Gifts can either be ready-made or handmade. The former are directly purchased from the market and they are the product of the machine’s mass production. Unlike the ready-made gifts, Handicrafts are made by the person. It’s not the result of a machine, but the efforts and artistry of a person or a group of persons. For instance, you surely can get a beautiful rug at a much cheaper price, but if you gift her “PASHMINA SHAWL” which is purely handmade, you surely will see the idyllic smile.

There is a handmade gift for every occasion:

Many people think that when it comes to Handicrafts, you have very limited choices. You don’t have a lot to go for especially if you are thinking of giving them as the gift for different occasions. And that makes them hesitant and they generally incline towards readymade gifts as it varied choices.

But you will be surprised to know handicrafts too have different options available that are ideal for different occasions. For instance, a beaded bracelet or necklace is one good option for a birthday gift. Wooden sculpture is ideal if your friend is looking for something new and unique for their home or office space.

For different festivities, you can go with beautiful woodwork from Indian Handicrafts. They even have toys made out of it which makes them the perfect option for the kids as well. Moreover, they are eco-friendly. All these features of Handicrafts add more advantage and meaning to your gifting gesture.

If possible, add a little handwritten note with it. Tell them how much they mean to you and that they deserve “one of a kind” and hence you have gifted them this unique masterpiece.

Indian handicrafts are always loved

Handmade Gifts are just one of the many ways in which you can express your love for other people. We often celebrate special occasions, festivals by gifting each other because it’s not just about the event, it more about the people we love.

So for someone so special, what is a better gift than they love? We are pretty sure that these handcrafted beauties will automatically bring the biggest smile on their face as what’s a better way to say “you are important to me” other than these handicrafts.

It’s the best way you can express your love, you can even add some DIY too if you think you’re good at it.