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Wood Carving Tips – Guidance for Beginner

Wooden handicrafts items have been in Indian tradition for a very long time, but still, there is uniqueness in these. Because of this virtue, these handicrafts are loved all around the world and presented as handmade gifts for various occasions. With diversity in culture and climatic conditions, there are different but unique techniques for wood carving found in various parts of India. The use of proper techniques and skills are reasons behind its uniqueness. These techniques and skills are being transferred from one generation to another. So when you start to learn it, remember these tips for learning it fast.

wood carving tip

The first tip is about how to hold a wood carving knife properly. There are various types of knife are available in the market which may fancy you. It is essential to know about holding a knife properly before purchasing one. These knives come with a sharp-edged blade which may result in the injured arm if not handled properly. To protect your hand, wear a carving glove. You should cover only the hand you are holding woodcraft with. Use only your elbow for better control on carving. After a few hours of work, hone your knife to maintain sharpness. If the knife is dull, then it will make carving tough.

The second tip is about cutting the wood. It is necessary to know about the direction in which the grain of the wood is running. If you cut along the grain, you will get better results and find wood carving easier. You should look at the dark and long stripes to determine the grain. The last tip is about woodcuts. The woodcuts should be made carefully because any wrong cut made on the piece will be permanent. So you should mark the cuts with a pencil or chalk before cutting.

Well, these are tips for proper wood carving. Remember, properly carved handicrafts have an elegant and unique beauty and can also be presented as a corporate gift.

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