Handmade Gifts

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Desktop Pen Holder

Price: Rs.750 Rs.675
Available Stock :100

Tea Coaster cum Pen holder

Price: Rs.450 Rs.338
Available Stock :13

Wooden Elephant for Corporate Gift

Price: Rs.1,040 Rs.884
Available Stock :100

Wooden Elephant 6 inch on Base

Price: Rs.1,550 Rs.1,395
Available Stock :48

Wooden Mobile Holder & Elephant Statue

Price: Rs.860 Rs.774
Available Stock :22

Desktop Wooden Pen Holder

Price: Rs.1,050 Rs.840
Available Stock :50

Mobile cum Pen Holder

Price: Rs.500 Rs.450
Available Stock :25

Wooden Painted Elephant – Brown Base

Price: Rs.400 Rs.280
Available Stock :100

Wooden Embossed Painted Elephant on Base

Price: Rs.965 Rs.849
Available Stock :12

Marble Painting in Wooden Frame

Price: Rs.2,550 Rs.2,091
Available Stock :4

Table Top Pen Holder

Price: Rs.700 Rs.560
Available Stock :50

Wooden Carved Buddha on Base

Price: Rs.915 Rs.778
Available Stock :50

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Recent post

Handmade Return Gifts & Corporate Gifts

Welcome to the largest hub of handmade gifts to be used as corporate, personal, or return gifts for any kind of occasion. We at Indian Crafts offer a wide range of handcrafted products, which keep updating regularly. Latest patterns and designs are added to the catalogue, which can be ordered anytime from anywhere. We are a team of expert & award winning craftsmen, designing different types of eye catching corporate gifts and return gifts. The products here vary according to different religions, communities, cultures and occasions. People looking to buy corporate gifts online, can order their customized item directly from here.

Collection of Corporate Gifts Online

While talking about the customizations, we offer fully customized handmade gifts, where the buyer can get any personalized features in the available products. The catalogue shows the basic sample products, open for any type of customization including change in color, size, personalized elements and others. After adding personalized brand names and other details these can be perfectly used as corporate gifts. Other than this, if you are looking for return gifts, you can get these items customized by engraving or printing the details of your occasion.

As there is a boom of handcrafted items around the world these days, choosing these handmade items for corporate gifts can be a great option. Give your business partners and other guests something new and unique with added personalized elements as return gift this time. It will also let them remember your event and brand forever, boosting your business’s branding as well.

Explore our complete range of handmade gifts for corporate and return gift purposes here and order your customized copy now.