Pen Stand

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Marble Pen holder with Ganesh Painting

Price: Rs.800 Rs.720
Available Stock :25

Wooden Pen Holder with Clock

Price: Rs.500 Rs.450
Available Stock :50

Wooden Pen & Pencil Stand

Price: Rs.250 Rs.225
Available Stock :422

Wooden Painted Figurine Pen Holder (Pair)

Price: Rs.995 Rs.896
Available Stock :50

Lac Round Shaped Pen holder

Price: Rs.245 Rs.208
Available Stock :50

Wooden Leaf Carving Pen Holder Big

Price: Rs.595 Rs.417
Available Stock :43

Wood Pen Holder Leaves Carving

Price: Rs.410 Rs.328
Available Stock :30

Wooden Pen Stand

Price: Rs.385 Rs.327
Available Stock :90

Wooden Elephant Designed Pen holder

Price: Rs.400 Rs.340
Available Stock :25

Wooden Elephant Pen Holder (Brown)

Price: Rs.400 Rs.352
Available Stock :50

Wooden Pen Holder & Ganesh on Base

Price: Rs.750 Rs.675
Available Stock :50

Wooden Round Carved Pen Holder

Price: Rs.410 Rs.369
Available Stock :140

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Wooden, Marble, Metal, Gemstone Painting & Customized Pen Holders

Handcrafted pen holders are widely liked due to its awesome craftsmanship. We offer wooden pen holder, marble pen holder and gemstone painting pen holders in various shape and designs. These all our handcrafted pen holders are durable and smooth finished and its awesome art works are done using hand arts by our master craftsman from Rajasthan.

Handcrafted pen holders give stylish look to your home and office desks, these can be gifted during birthday gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, office party or can be used as return gifting purpose. We can customize the design and shape of pen holder as per our customer demand. 

Our Top Selling Pen holders are given below:

·         Wooden pen holder rotating

·         Wooden Triangle shaped Pen Holder

·         Wooden pen holder gemstone painting

·         Marble pen holder round

·         Marble pen stand painted

·         Marble pen holder meenakari painted

·         Gemstone Painting Pen holder

·         Wooden pen holder

·         Wooden carving pen holder

·         Wooden shikar carving pen holder

·         Wooden engraving pen holder

·         Wooden etching pen holder

·         Wooden pen stand oxidized

·         Wooden pen holder cum clock

·         Wooden pen holder cum ashoka pillar

·         Wooden pen holder with elephant statue

·         Wooden figurine pen holder

·         Wooden Buddha pen stand

·         Wooden Ganesh pen holder

·         Wooden pen stand for corporate gifts and promotional gift.