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Taj Mahal Painting on Decorative Marble Plate

Price: Rs.1,400 Rs.1,260
Available Stock :1

Radha Krishna Painting on Velvet

Price: Rs.1,000 Rs.750
Available Stock :1

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Marble Painting

India is prominent for different types of handmade art and craft items. There are several artisans from India having high reputation around the world. Among different types of art products, marble painting is one of the highly popular ones. This variant of marble handicrafts has been in use for several years and people prefer it for decorating their walls. Indian marble painting is prominent throughout the world for the beauty and grace associated. It enhances the attraction level of your room catching anyone’s eye at very much ease.

Wide range of Marble Handmade Paintings

Although, paintings are inspired of several things, but most of them shows love, culture, tradition and religious beliefs of India. Here at Indian Crafts, you can find an extensive range of marble handmade paintings of different types showing different Indian aspects. Hanging any of these to your wall will let you enhance the beauty of your living and working place many times. Browse the amazing collection of beautiful paintings here and select the best one for you.