Tea Coasters

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Wood Carving Revolving Coaster

Price: Rs.300 Rs.255
Available Stock :71

Lac Mirror Work Coaster Set

Price: Rs.300 Rs.240
Available Stock :10

Lac Round Tea Coaster

Price: Rs.300 Rs.240
Available Stock :31

Marble Painted Tea Coaster

Price: Rs.1,500 Rs.1,200
Available Stock :1

Coaster Set

Price: Rs.550 Rs.495
Available Stock :23

Wooden Floral Designed Coaster

Price: Rs.450 Rs.405
Available Stock :18

Gemstone Painting Round Coaster Big

Price: Rs.620 Rs.558
Available Stock :7

Gemstone Painting Coaster Set of 6

Price: Rs.275 Rs.220
Available Stock :43

Wooden Hut Shaped Coaster

Price: Rs.250 Rs.200
Available Stock :99

Wooden Bull Cart Coaster

Price: Rs.350 Rs.315
Available Stock :3

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Wooden, Marble, & Gemstone Painting Table Top Coaster

Tea coaster is a tabletop drink stand. This piece is used to put a glass or cup on it. The purpose is to protect & clean your dining table, central table or office desk. Avail with us wide range of wooden coaster, marble coasters, metal coasters and lac decorative coasters. These coasters are handcrafted and stylish as well as reflect our Indian art & crafts.