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German silver Pan Glass Bowl - Pack of 2pc

Price: Rs.260 Rs.182
Available Stock :23

Metal Pan Shaped Glass Bowl (Golden)

Price: Rs.170 Rs.153
Available Stock :8

German silver Glass Bowl Set

Price: Rs.530 Rs.451
Available Stock :48

German silver Mukhwas Glass Container

Price: Rs.400 Rs.300
Available Stock :3

Silver Plated Bowl Set

Price: Rs.310 Rs.279
Available Stock :100

Silver & Gold Plated Bowl Set

Price: Rs.400 Rs.320
Available Stock :100

Silver plated 2 Bowl, Spoon and Tray Set

Price: Rs.570 Rs.399
Available Stock :100

Gold & Silver Plated Bowls Gift Set

Price: Rs.570 Rs.399
Available Stock :102

Gold & Silver plated Floral Bowl set with Tray

Price: Rs.570 Rs.399
Available Stock :104

German Silver Golden Duck Bowl Two Tone

Price: Rs.1,250 Rs.975
Available Stock :1

Silver Plated Duck Bowl

Price: Rs.1,250 Rs.975
Available Stock :1

Gold Plated Leaf Bowl

Price: Rs.1,680 Rs.1,378
Available Stock :1

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Metal, Brass, Marble, Silver Plated, and German Silver Bowls

We are leading organizer, wholesaler, exporter and retailer of decorative bowls, metal bowls, marble bowls, and decorative glass bowl. We have fine handcrafted bowls for kitchen use as well as gifting purpose.  Our handcrafted bowl sets are carefully made and decorated using stone, floral designs and hand paintings. These handcrafted bowls adorn your home and give modern looks to your home kitchen.  We have bowls in different colours and new patterns as paan shaped, round shaped, duck shaped, peacock shaped and square shaped.