Horse Statue

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Metal Jumping Horse (Gold)

Price: Rs.850 Rs.723
Available Stock :27

Wooden Walking Horse Statue

Price: Rs.1,190 Rs.1,071
Available Stock :20

Metal Bankura Horse

Price: Rs.710 Rs.604
Available Stock :4

Wood carving horse 6 inch height

Price: Rs.1,235 Rs.1,050
Available Stock :12

Meenakari horse statue 3 Inch Height

Price: Rs.340 Rs.289
Available Stock :50

Meenakari horse statue 6 Inch Height

Price: Rs.950 Rs.808
Available Stock :25

Elegant Meenakari Horse Big

Price: Rs.2,600 Rs.1,950
Available Stock :4

Decorative Metal Horse

Price: Rs.1,050 Rs.945
Available Stock :2

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Explore here wide range of royal looking horse statue and figurines. We offer you wooden painted horse, carved horse statue, metal painted horse, jumping horse, bankura horse and handmade horse idol. All these collection of horse statues can not only be used for decoration but gifting purpose as well. Horse statues are great gifting option for all occasions.