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Mosaic Table Lamp (18cm Height)

Price: Rs.750 Rs.675
Available Stock :35

Turkish Mosaic Lamp ( 24cm Height )

Price: Rs.1,250 Rs.1,000
Available Stock :12

Wooden Lantern lamp ( 26cm Height )

Price: Rs.2,600 Rs.2,288
Available Stock :6

Mosaic Colourful Lamp

Price: Rs.1,250 Rs.1,000
Available Stock :1

Mosaic Hanging Lamp

Price: Rs.1,275 Rs.1,084
Available Stock :2

Beautiful Carving Lamp

Price: Rs.395 Rs.316
Available Stock :49

Gemstone Painting Wooden Carved Lamp Small

Price: Rs.225 Rs.198
Available Stock :46

Colorful Mosaic Lantern Lamp

Price: Rs.1,275 Rs.1,084
Available Stock :13

Mosaic Lantern Lamp

Price: Rs.570 Rs.485
Available Stock :20

Vibrant Mosaic Lamp - Big

Price: Rs.1,300 Rs.1,040
Available Stock :3

Wood Carving Lamp Big

Price: Rs.370 Rs.333
Available Stock :44

Wooden Carved Lantern Lamp ( 20cm Height)

Price: Rs.1,800 Rs.1,440
Available Stock :2

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Handmade Wooden, Marble and Carving Lamps in India

We are offering high quality handmade lamp, lantern, decorative lamp, hanging lamp and wood carving lamp. We make different kind of lamp using wood, gemstone painting, marble and metal.  These lamps can be used as interior or exterior decoration purpose. Wood carving lamps are available in floral designs, animal carving designs and engraving designs. Its etching works are carefully done by skilled craftsman. Wooden lamp can be hang on wall or keep on any desk.  One of the marble lamps also is so beautiful and gives gorgeous look to your living space. The marble lamp is also called as lantern; it’s completely made of pure marble and decorated with meenakari designs, kundan work and hand paintings. Bring today our handmade lamp collection and adorn your home, office and hotels.