Jewel Boxes

Wooden Brass Work Jewellery Box ( 8cm x 8cm)

Rs.188 Rs.250 25% off

Available Stock: 59

Wooden Carving Box 5x4

Rs.252 Rs.360 30% off

Available Stock: 106

Beautiful Gemstone Painting Jewel Box

Rs.254 Rs.390 35% off

Available Stock: 88

Gem Painting Wooden Box ( 8cm x 8cm )

Rs.175 Rs.250 30% off

Available Stock: 150

Gemstone Painting Teak Wood Jewel Box

Rs.255 Rs.340 25% off

Available Stock: 48

Gemstone Painting Teak Wood Jewel Box  (11cm x 8cm)

Rs.208 Rs.245 15% off

Available Stock: 150

White Pearl Box

Rs.152 Rs.190 20% off

Available Stock: 43

Gemstone Painting Jewellery Box 8x6

Rs.450 Rs.625 28% off

Available Stock: 88

Wooden Jewel Box 8x6

Rs.287 Rs.410 30% off

Available Stock: 50

Handmade Lac Box

Rs.400 Rs.500 20% off

Available Stock: 17

Precious Gemstone Painting Jewellery Box

Rs.261 Rs.290 10% off

Available Stock: 10

Golden Jewelry Box

Rs.585 Rs.650 10% off Sold Out

Available Stock: 0

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Jewel Boxes: Wooden Jewelry Box & Gemstone Painting Box

We organize excellent array of Jewel box, custom jewellery boxes, and bridal jewellery boxes. These jewellery boxes are made using high quality wood, aluminium, sheet metal and other decorative accessories. These handmade jewellery boxes are highlighted with exclusive carving work, meenakari designs, stones and kundan work to add beauty. We have wide range of jewellery box in wood, marble and meeenakari metal materials.