Key Holders

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Gemstone Painting Key Holder - Pack of 6pc

Price: Rs.240 Rs.197
Available Stock :292

Wooden Key Holder Box

Price: Rs.320 Rs.272
Available Stock :17

Wooden Key holder ( Assorted Design )

Price: Rs.250 Rs.200
Available Stock :109

Wooden key holder 6 pin (Pack of 2pc)

Price: Rs.340 Rs.306
Available Stock :99

Stylish Leaf Design Key Holder with 5 hooks

Price: Rs.350 Rs.280
Available Stock :200

Wooden Decorative Key Holder

Price: Rs.310 Rs.273
Available Stock :299

White Metal Key Holder

Price: Rs.850 Rs.723
Available Stock :19

Wooden Meenakari Key Holder

Price: Rs.455 Rs.319
Available Stock :7

Meenakari Key Holder & Letter Box

Price: Rs.455 Rs.319
Available Stock :8

Rajasthani Key Holder and Paper Holder

Price: Rs.225 Rs.158
Available Stock :41

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Wooden Key Holders for Decoration

Bring today key holders with intricately detailed hand carved and hand painted, we offer different designed key holder with 5 hooks as well as its will come letter organizer. Our collection of key holders is completely handmade and made using different materials like...Wood, Marble and sheet metal.  These aesthetic looking key holders are made by highly skilled artisans based in Jaipur. These handmade key holder can be hung at any place in home or office and these pieces will keep safe your home, car, garage and office keys.