Paper Holder

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Paper Holder & Key Holder

Price: Rs.280 Rs.210
Available Stock :74

Rajasthani Key Holder and Paper Holder

Price: Rs.225 Rs.158
Available Stock :41

Silk Magazine Holder (2 Pocket)

Price: Rs.400 Rs.360
Available Stock :42

Wall Hanging Magazine Holder (One Pocket)

Price: Rs.290 Rs.203
Available Stock :46

Rajasthani Key Holder & Paper Holder

Price: Rs.700 Rs.560
Available Stock :25

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Magazine Holders, Paper Holders and Card Holders

We are manufacturer and exporter of letter holder, magazine holder, paper holder and card holder. We make these products using various materials like... cotton fabric, silk fabric, wood and marbles. These letter holders are handcrafted as well as decorated, these can be used to home decor, interior or exterior decoration purpose, gifting and utility gift items. Each piece of letter holders are carefully crafted by our skilled craftsman from rajasthan.