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Marble Peacock Painted Clock

Price: Rs.680 Rs.456
Available Stock :50

Marble Jewellery Painted Clock

Price: Rs.670 Rs.456
Available Stock :26

Marble Floral Painted Clock (Square Shape)

Price: Rs.700 Rs.455
Available Stock :5

Marble pen holder cum clock

Price: Rs.1,000 Rs.850
Available Stock :29

Marble Painted Pillar Clock

Price: Rs.700 Rs.455
Available Stock :25

Gemstone Painting Pen, Card holder & Clock

Price: Rs.370 Rs.315
Available Stock :98

Decorative Marble Clock

Price: Rs.760 Rs.456
Available Stock :25

Marble Pillar Watch

Price: Rs.700 Rs.455
Available Stock :20

Marble Pillar Shaped Clock

Price: Rs.750 Rs.450
Available Stock :12

Marble Peacock Painted Table Clock

Price: Rs.790 Rs.632
Available Stock :16

Marble Wall Clock

Price: Rs.3,100 Rs.2,728
Available Stock :2

Wall Clock Roman

Price: Rs.2,160 Rs.1,836
Available Stock :1

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Clocks : Desktop Clock, Table Clock, Wall Clock

We are leading manufacturer and wholesaler of clock, decorative clock and table clock. We are specializes in producing handcrafted clock such as different kind of wood carving and marble painted clock. Decorative clock from all over India are in high demand, especially by those who wish to decor their home, office and hotels with handcrafted royal clock and watches. These handcrafted clocks are widely used to interior or exterior decor as well as gifting purpose.