Camel Statue

Enamel Camel Statue

Rs.288 Rs.320 10% off

Available Stock: 18

Wooden Gold Painted Camel

Rs.200 Rs.250 20% off

Available Stock: 48

20cm Height Decorative Meenakari Camel

Rs.1,813 Rs.2,060 12% off

Available Stock: 1

Wooden Decorative Camel Set of 4pc

Rs.978 Rs.1,150 15% off

Available Stock: 1

Wooden Jali Pattern Camel Statue Big

Rs.1,063 Rs.1,250 15% off

Available Stock: 15

Meenakari Camel statue

Rs.1,215 Rs.1,350 10% off

Available Stock: 5

Wooden Kathidar Carved Camel - 15cm Height

Rs.1,080 Rs.1,350 20% off

Available Stock: 12

Wooden Carved Kathidar Camel -13cm Height

Rs.880 Rs.1,035 15% off

Available Stock: 16

Wooden Jali Camel Medium

Rs.901 Rs.1,060 15% off

Available Stock: 16

Wooden Floral Carved Camel 6 Inch Height

Rs.2,340 Rs.2,600 10% off

Available Stock: 3

Brass Camel Cart

Rs.600 Rs.750 20% off

Available Stock: 10

Metal Hand Painted Kathidar Camel 4 inch

Rs.405 Rs.450 10% off

Available Stock: 50

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Camel statue & Wooden Camel | Camel Cart | Meenakari Camel | Undercut Camel

Camel statue – We present the collection of different types of Camel statue in various materials. We manufacture Wooden Carving Camel, Wooden Undercut Camel, Wooden Emboss Painting Camel, Brass Cart Camel, Metal Meenakari Camel, Kathidar Camel, Camel Keychain, Decorative Camel and Brass Camel Statue. All these camel statues are stylish in appearance, good carving and attractive. We make camel statues in different sizes. We fulfil large orders of camel statues on time. Whatever Wooden Camel Statue is given in the website, it is made of Kadamba (White Wood) wood. Very fine carving is done on these wooden camels. Metal camels are also made in good quality white metal and are decorated with fine enamel painting. It is very attractive and attention-grabbing in appearance. You can buy our Handmade Camel Statue for interior or exterior decoration or gifting.