Elephant Statue

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Wood Elephant Statue with Shikar Work

Price: Rs.1,800 Rs.1,530
Available Stock :28

Home Decor Elephant Sculpture

Price: Rs.4,780 Rs.3,824
Available Stock :4

Wooden Etching Elephant - 10cm Height

Price: Rs.970 Rs.873
Available Stock :48

Wooden Hand Painted Elephant

Price: Rs.500 Rs.440
Available Stock :5

Carving Elephant figurine

Price: Rs.1,625 Rs.1,463
Available Stock :12

Undercut Elephant Statue (15cm Height)

Price: Rs.2,200 Rs.1,936
Available Stock :4

Beautiful Wood Carving Elephant (13cm Height)

Price: Rs.1,685 Rs.1,517
Available Stock :25

Undercut Elephant Statue (13cm Height)

Price: Rs.1,750 Rs.1,488
Available Stock :10

Meenakari elephant 8" inch

Price: Rs.3,500 Rs.3,150
Available Stock :2

Metal Painted Elephant

Price: Rs.425 Rs.383
Available Stock :286

Metal Meenakari & Stone Work Elephant

Price: Rs.500 Rs.450
Available Stock :49

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Indian handicrafts are highly popular around the world for the associated grace and beauty. Different types of materials are used for crafting different kind of products, but wood is the most used materials for making different statues. Among different types of wooden handicrafts, wooden elephant is the most loved type of statue. This product has a very huge audience in different corners of the world who love and prefer to use different types of wooden elephants at their living and working places.

Here at Indian crafts, you can find a wide variety in wooden elephant’s statues having their unique grace, style and beauty. Different categories of this wooden statue can be used at different places for different purposes. Wooden elephants can not only be used for decoration but also for gifting purpose as well. There are several people in the world preferring handmade wooden statues for gifting because of the natural beauty associated with those.  Here you can find a wide and extensive range of wooden elephants of several types and choose the best one suitable for you.