National Emblem Gifts

Wooden Ashoka Pillar Painted (30cm Height)

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Wooden Ashoka pillar ( 20cm Height)

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Carving Ashoka pillar with Pen holder & Flag

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Wooden Pen holder with Ashoka pillar

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Wood Carving Ashok Pillar on Wooden Base ( 20 cm height )

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Pen holder with Ashoka pillar & National Flag

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Ashok Stambh ( 30cm Height )

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Wooden Ashoka pillar, Clock & Flag

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Wood Ashok Stambh ( 40cm Height )

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Desk Clock with Ashok stambh & Flag

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Wooden Ashoka pillar Big & Pen holder

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Wooden Ashoka pillar ( 25cm Height)

Rs.500 Rs.625 20% off

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National Emblem Gifts Items Including| Wooden Ashoka Pillars/Stambh and Indian Flags


Ashoka pillar the National symbol of India. The lion capital of ashoka stands with its head high in aesthetic glory at sarnath. These are sculpture of four lion standing back to back and each lion statues are topped on an enverted lotus as well as on round shaped pillar. There are the wheel “ Ashoka Chakra “ that stands at the center of the indian national flag was taken from the base of the Lion capital of Ashoka.

Wood Carving Ashoka pillar: We make wooden ashoka pillar in wood carving, these all ashoka pillars are handmade and crafted in single piece of wood by our master craftsman using their hand art. Wood carving ashoka pillar is available in various size as 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” and big sizes.